Who is the master of sin: Once upon a time, there was a pandit who had studied scriptures in Kashi for many years before returning to his village. The entire village celebrated his arrival and boasting that he had come from Kashi and could solve any puzzle related to religion.

Hearing of his fame, a farmer approached him and asked, “Pandit ji, please tell us, who is the mentor of sin?” Upon hearing the question, the pandit was taken aback.

While he had heard of spiritual and religious mentors, considering sin as having a mentor was beyond his understanding and knowledge. The pandit realized that his studies were incomplete, so he returned to Kashi. He met many mentors but couldn’t find an answer to the farmer’s question. One day, he coincidentally met a call girl (ganika). She asked the pandit about the reason for his distress, and he explained his problem to her.

The call girl said, “Pandit ji, the answer is quite simple, but in order to obtain it,” you will have to stay in my neighborhood for a few days.The pandit had been wandering in search of this knowledge, so he immediately agreed. The call girl arranged separate accommodation for him nearby. The pandit was strict in adhering to his principles and religious traditions.

He never ate food prepared by others. However, while staying at the call girl’s house and cooking his own meals, he spent a few days in great comfort, yet the answer to his question eluded him. He remained in anticipation of the answer. One day, the call girl said, “Pandit ji, I understand that you find it difficult to cook meals. There is no one here to assist you.

If you agree, I can bathe and cook food for you.” To convince the pandit, she tempted him by offering five gold coins as a daily donation in return for her service. Hearing the name of gold coins, the pandit began to contemplate.

Cooked meals and even gold coins! In other words both hands are fill with sweets. The pandit forgot his vows, principles, and religious beliefs. He said, ‘I desire what you offer, just make sure that no one sees you coming and going to my room.”

On the very first day(Who is the master of sin), the call girl prepared various dishes and served them in front of the pandit. But as soon as the pandit desired to eat and he pulled the plate that was served towards him. Infuriated, the pandit exclaimed, “What is this mockery?” The call girl replied, “This is not a mockery, pandit ji.

This is the answer to your question. Before coming here you refrained from accepting any food or water prepared by others but due to the temptation of gold coins. You accepted the food cooked by my hands. This temptation itself is the mentor of sin.”


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