In this motivational story: Once upon a time, a scientist caught a grasshopper and taught it to jump on his command. Scientist said, “Jump!” and the grasshopper jumped as soon as it heard his voice. Now, since the scientist was an experimenter, he decided to test the grasshopper’s jump.

The scientist

Scientist broke one of its legs and then exclaimed, “Jump!” The grasshopper, despite its leg being broken, still managed to jump, albeit with a reduced distance. The scientist broke its second leg and commanded it to jump again. The grasshopper jumped, but this time, the distance was even shorter. The scientist continued this process and broke the grasshopper’s remaining legs one by one.

Finally, when the grasshopper’s last leg was broken and the scientist said, “Jump!” the grasshopper couldn’t move at all. The grasshopper was severely injured and couldn’t jump even a tiny bit. No matter how loudly the scientist shouted, there was no effect. The grasshopper couldn’t even move from its spot, let alone jump.

Conclusion part

The scientist noted his conclusion in his diary. Do you know what he wrote? He wrote that when one of the grasshopper’s legs was broken, it became partially disabled. When the second leg was broken, it became even more disabled. With each leg breaking, it became more and more disabled. And when all its legs were broken, it became completely disabled. The grasshopper was so injured that even shouting at it as loud as possible did not make any difference. It couldn’t jump, let alone move from its place.

After hearing this story, everyone might be thinking, “What a foolish scientist! It is apparent that the grasshopper’s diminishing jump can be attributed to its legs breaking rather than its loss of hearing. This observation is so clear that even a child would recognize the cause behind the decrease in the grasshopper’s jumping ability.

My friends, in life, we often become foolish in such situations. Sometimes, two events occur simultaneously, and we perceive a deep connection between them even when there isn’t any. Sometimes, what we see is different from what we understand, and the reality is something else altogether.

A short motivational story

Moral of story

That’s why, if we don’t want to regret our decisions, we should never rush and always use our wisdom. Occasionally, our perception of things can differ from our understanding, and the actual reality may diverge completely.. Friends, how do you feel about these small stories and the lessons they teach on “Ecological expression”?



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