American horror stories cast: It was the day of June 12, 1995. We were sitting down for dinner when suddenly the phone rang. Answering the phone felt like a daunting task for everyone. I quickly pulled my hand back and rushed to another room to answer the call, trying to spare others from the distress. From the other side, my elder sister’s brother-in-law informed us that her father had passed away. He had called to share the news. My sister also lived in another city, Washington, but due to the current situation, she had moved with her husband to our house. Her in-laws had gone to Washington. As soon as we received the news on the phone, we informed all our relatives.

My sister’s husband, Samit, and her brothers, including Sharif, came to our house along with their son. My brother Tariq and I prepared to leave for the journey. Finally, at 11 o’clock at night, the caravan set off after enduring the hardships of the journey. After facing numerous difficulties, we reached our destination. The funeral was already prepare, and everyone was crying, anxiously waiting for the last glimpse. Despite passing twenty-eight hours, the deceased looked so fresh, as if he had just breathed his last.

After the funeral, strange incidents started happening. One by one, all the animals in the house began to die. It had been seven days since Apu’s in-laws had shifted to this house. After Daphne, the goats started dying, followed by birds. One night, suddenly, a snake bit Apu’s mother-in-law’s hand, spreading poison throughout her hand. The poison was suck out, and she was saved. On the third day, Apu suddenly experience a severe headache. I thought it was just a regular headache. I went to roam around in the fields where there were countless mango trees. In the afternoon, when I returned, I found my sister in the same condition, writhing in pain. I started massaging her head.

While massaging, suddenly, I felt pain in my stomach. By night, my stomach became as hard as a rock, and then vomiting started. My sister forgot about her headache and got busy taking care of me. As the night progressed, I felt as if someone was cutting my intestines. At night, my sister was sitting beside me, crying, and suddenly, many pigeons came and sat on top of the tree while the fan was running at full speed. They stayed perched on the branches while the fan was on. We both were watch this scene with our eyes wide open, while the rest of the family was fast asleep. Apu got scare and said, “Let me apply oil to your feet; maybe it will give you relief.”


Suddenly, my attention was drawn to Apu’s father-in-law, who was gesturing towards Apu from between the doors. As Apu wake up, she was pull by some unseen force and walk magnetically towards the place where Apu’s father-in-law had pass away. Suddenly, she felt a jolt and regained her senses, rushing back from there. We were both terrifi and fill with fear. Sleep was miles away from us. It felt like someone was standing near our bed, but our eyes were tightly shut due to fear.

The pain in my stomach kept increasing. By morning, we went to see the doctor, but the discomfort didn’t subside. Apu advised me to go back to Washington, but I wasn’t willing to travel in such a condition.

Until noon, another woman among the guests suddenly fell ill. It felt like she might lose her life at any moment. After a while, my brother Tariq started experience a severe headache. Seing this, my heart started to panic as I realized that this house had been closed for quite some time, and just a short distance away from the house, there was a graveyard. There was no settlement in the rear part of the house; instead, the graveyard began from there.

The realization of this sent shivers down my spine because it was clear that something unnatural was happening.

Amidst these troubles, night fell. The pain in our stomachs increased. At one o’clock in the night, I had a strange dream where a figure dressed in white stood near me. He gestured for us to leave the house and said, “Go away, your losses will be compensated.” This dream not only troubled me but also affected my brother.

This dream distressed everyone in the house, and we immediately prepared to return to Mumbai. I was experiencing nausea. Someone recited verses from the Quran and gave me water, which provided some relief. In such a condition, we set out to return to Washington.

When we reached home, our family members were worry seeing our condition. In just a few days, our health had deteriorated. The strange experiences we went through left us all perturbed. However, upon returning home, it felt as if we had escaped from some calamity, and indeed, that was the case. My health appeared to be completely fine, as if nothing had happened. Tariq’s headache also gradually subsided, and Apu was also visibly better.

The next morning, while sipping tea, we checked our prize bond number and found that our five-thousand-rupee bond had won a prize. I remembered my dream where it was said that our losses would be compensated, and we should leave this place immediately. Baji’s in-laws had also decided to leave the house and had already found another place before the fortieth day.

This statement is not just unforgettable for me but also for my family.


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