Ayesha erotica: Read in Ecological Expressions that when I rented a room in Jaipur, the owner’s daughter-in-law started lashing out at me because her husband used to work in Pune. How did I fuck that sister-in-law’s hot pussy?My name is Dev. I am a resident of Kota Rajasthan. I am a student.

My introduction:

My height is 6 feet and due to going to the gym, the body is also very good. Means I can make a bhosda of any pussy.

This Ecological Expressions story is from the month of January this year.

I had just come to Jaipur.

I went to see the room in a colony.

This house was the house of a retired colonel.

When I rang the bell, a 60 year old aunt came.

He opened the door.

She was of very curvy body.

I was walking for a long time to get the room, so I started urinating.

For the same reason, my cock had also made its shape by becoming a little hard.

All the attention of the aunt was on the rise of my penis.

Looking at the boy, he said – Huh?

I also hesitated and said – Yes ma’am, I had to rent a room, that’s why I bothered you. Do you have any rooms available for rent in your home?

He said – wait a minute.

Then turned around and called her husband.

A few moments later a 65 year old head came out.

You know how military people are. Looking at him, it did not seem that he is an old man from anywhere.

Uncle had not dyed his hair, due to which the whiteness of his hair made him look old.

He asked – where are you from, what are you doing, What is your caste?

I told everything; Showed my Aadhaar card as well.

He told the room and said that you are ***, that’s why I am giving the room.

I said – Sir, what is there in ***?He said- They are pure of heart and do not cheat.

I said – Yes, this is the matter sir.

In his family, the colonel had only his wife, son and his son’s daughter-in-law.

When I had taken the room, the daughter-in-law had gone on her back.

His son worked in a software company in Pune.

After ten days of my stay there, his daughter-in-law had returned.

It had been almost 2 months since I lived.

During that time I met Vineeta Bhabhi several times.

She also used to smile lightly on seeing me.

I also knew that somewhere the fish is trying to get trapped.

FAQ,s to me:

I stayed in the village Gabru, since childhood I was sitting with the taste of different sizes of pussies.Don’t know how many girls and aunties in the village had been fucked on the panghat or in the forest.

Yes, not even a single married young sister-in-law was found in the village, whom she could take under her dick.

Actually it was a village of ***, so the young men used to collect their mahararus.

Well … Colonel Saab’s daughter-in-law started looking at me in longing for the boy.

Slowly, I also got mixed up with all the people of the house.

Aunt’s name was Kusum Lata.

Taking them to the market in their own car was now my permanent job.

My attitude had become such that I am a member of Colonel Saab’s family.

Just like that one day Colonel said – I have to go to Dehradun (Uttarakhand) for training. I’ll be there for about 3 months, Take care of you all

I said – yes uncle, why not, you should be carefree.

I dropped Colonel Sahib at the railway station, put the car in the compound and came inside.

My room was upstairs.

There were 2 rooms built on the top terrace.

I lived in one and old junk was lying in the other.I called out – Vinita bhabhi, where should I keep the keys of the car?

No sound came.

I thought she would be in her room, so I went to her room only.

As soon as I went inside, she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

I saw them and they saw me!

I could not take my eyes off her 34 size moms only.

Sister-in-law’s milk-white body, big bulge. Seeing the scene, my cock immediately became Delhi’s Qutub Minar.

Taking the body, he said – what happened Dev?

She used to call me by this name.

I said – where should I keep the key?

Vinita Bhabhi said – keep it where you want it!

Saying this, he gave a smile in a killer manner.

I thought to enlarge the hole of the lock by inserting the key now.

But swallowing a sip of spit, he said – I do not know where the key is kept. That’s why I came to ask you.

Combing his hair back and raising his chest a little, he said – Don’t be so naive that you don’t know where the keys are kept!

I came out trembling with this attitude of his.


Only then there was a sound of opening the gate outside, then I saw that Kusumlata aunty had come inside from outside.I gave him the key and came upstairs to my room.After coming to the room, remembering his sister-in-law, he started shaking his cock.

I was feeling so excited at that time… And remembering naughty sister-in-law’s intoxicating hug just mouth Ah Vinita Bhabhi, Ah Vinita Bhabhi come under my cock once… then I will tell you where do you keep the key and how do you open the lock!

Then I realized that someone is standing outside.

I thought that Vinita Bhabhi must have come to hang the clothes for drying.

So I also increased the volume of my voice a little and said- Ah Vinita bhabhi, at least once keep the key… I will tear your ass. Ah how sexy you are darling… suck my dick once Ah Vineeta darling… I will make you my sex worker… I will make your pussy a bosda. Make me your dog sister-in-law… I will lick your pussy like a dog and drink all the water.

At the same time two incidents happened one after the other.

One thing is that a strong shot came out of my cock and went towards the door and fell down and gathered.

The second incident happened that at the same time a finger came under the door and went back taking the cock’s water in the finger.

Now I could understand something that there was a sound of sigh of sister-in-law’s chatter and after that sister-in-law went down humming the song.

The song was also from the film Andaz starring Juhi Chawla and Anil Kapoor.

‘I pushed you in the goods carriage.’

I understood that the fire has started on both sides, just the one who takes the initiative should be a little courageous.

The same evening Vineeta Bhabhi came on the terrace and started roaming around.

I also opened the door and started reading sitting on the chair.

I was feeling a bit shy because of the incident that happened during the day.

Sister-in-law was giving full darshan of her ass and waist by roaming around on the terrace.

I was also palming them drooling like a dog and in between I was reading.

But where was my brain engaged in reading… I was just unable to do anything when my ass was bursting.

Two days passed like this.

The fire was raging in both but who said… I was also afraid that if the case is not made then there will be a problem.

Then that day the aunt came up and said – Vinita has some work in the market, take her away.

I said – yes ok aunty.

That day the sister-in-law was wearing a black saree and a black locket blouse, out of which her mother was more visible.I started the car and sister-in-law sat on the front seat.

Then I connected the mobile and started singing. Then the song of Jism-2 started playing.

What if this body

It is the dress of the soul.

what if this is pain

Looking for love.

Means the whole hot atmosphere was created.

Then suddenly the sister-in-law said – It seems that the key is rusted. That’s why there is wear and tear nowadays. You are pouring rusty water at the door!

My atmosphere was also created, so I also said – It seems that the water was very tasty!

That’s why Vineeta Bhabhi saw aav na tav and holding my cock with her hand said – I want to drink this water for whole life.

As soon as I caught hold of Vinita Bhabhi’s cock, my body felt like an electric shock.

Lund became Qutub Minar.

While driving the car, I put one hand on my sister-in-law’s boobs and started pressing them slowly.

That’s why sister-in-law opened the chain of my pant and took out the cock. Lund came out and stood up immediately.

Seeing dick, ​​Vinita Bhabhi’s eyes were left torn.

She said – so big and fat… The bastard is rusting unnecessarily.

My cock is about 7 inches long which is always ready to tear the pussy of any sister-in-law, girl or woman.

Sister-in-law bowed down and filled the cock in her mouth and said with a chatter – Oh God, how much you have tortured!

It started coming out automatically from my mouth too- Ah Vineeta bhabhi… what cocks do you suck… and don’t suck it inside bhabhi… ah winnie ah!

Only then I saw that we were visible to some car owners and bike owners because the eyes of the car and bike owners coming from that side were going inside.

Picking up my sister-in-law, I said – Friend, not now… we both are on the way. Everyone is watching.

When the sister-in-law saw it, she said – Yes, it is okay.

I adjusted the rising cock and did it inside.

Sister-in-law put her hand inside the chain and started caressing.

I had so much lust inside me and sister-in-law was also on fire.

I parked the car in a nearby hotel and said – let’s take a room here.

Sister-in-law said – yes take it quickly.

I said – what will you say to the aunt?

Sister-in-law said – don’t worry about her.

I booked a room by putting it on the car parking.

As soon as I entered the room, my sister-in-law dropped me on the bed and climbed on top of me.

She started kissing me, biting me in such a way that the game just started.

She took off my T-shirt and started sucking the knuckles on my chest, biting them with her teeth.

I am also not conscious. I felt that I don’t know whether it is love or lust… Maybe it was lust.

Then sister-in-law started kissing and licking my neck.

I had also unbuttoned all the buttons of sister-in-law’s blouse and started pressing and sucking the boobs from the top of the bra.

Then sister-in-law took off her bra and started giving boobs in my mouth. She started pressing my head on her mother.

This is the most dangerous time when a woman while rolling her hand over your head lets you suck your nipples, pressing her head over your breasts.

These moments are the most precious.

At this very moment, I realized that somewhere there is love for me inside my sister-in-law.I immediately lifted my sister-in-law down and while kissing, started sucking and caressing her boobs.

We were licking and sucking each other’s tongue as if that was all.

Sometimes she would put her whole tongue inside my mouth, sometimes I would.

It seemed that the tongue was the same.

That’s why I raised my hand while sucking the nipples of sister-in-law, then the smell of sweat was coming from her side.

When I saw, he had light hair.

So I took my tongue next to sister-in-law and started licking it.

Licking the armpits creates more frenzy in the woman.

Sister-in-law started sobbing loudly and said- Ah God Ah… Make me your sex worker… Make me your concubine… Nothing happens with that motherfucker.

Means when a person is at the peak of sex, then he tells all the truth of his sex.

Only then I came to know that Vinita Bhabhi’s husband Abhinav is gay and lives in Pune only. He has relations with a boy and he gets his ass killed.

It had been more than a year since he came to Jaipur.

For the needs of Vinita Bhabhi, he had sent big dildos and vibrators.

But all these cannot give even half of the pleasure that comes in getting fucked by cock.

The fun that is in getting cocks inserted and in inserting them, is not in any fake cocks like thing.

The person becomes calm from all of them, but not satisfied.

I had wet both the armpits of Vinita Bhabhi by licking them.

That’s why Vinita Bhabhi said – God, I can’t tolerate it anymore. Please put it!

I opened my jeans and sister-in-law took her petticoat.

Sister-in-law was just in a small panty.

Then I got down from the bed and removed all my clothes.

Suddenly my eyes went on the body of sister-in-law.

Perfectly marble body, big and shapely breasts, which were very firm. Long and round shapely legs.

There was not even a trace of hair from the neck to the whole body.

I came over her and sucked and licked every corner of her body from her big toe.

Sister-in-law’s condition had worsened.

She had fallen by now.

Then the sister-in-law took off her panty and threw it and raised both the legs and pressed me in the middle.

I immediately came in the position of 69 and started licking her pussy.Sister-in-law’s pussy was getting very wet.

A very wet smell was coming from it.

Almost the same as it comes out of the soil during rains.

I like that fragrance very much.

I started sucking sister-in-law’s pussy.

She was also sucking my cock like a child sucking a lollipop.

Sister-in-law was looking a bit more experienced in sucking cocks.

I was taking the top grain of her pussy, which is the most sensitive, inside and out.

Due to this, the condition of the sister-in-law had worsened and she again left her water.

I drank all the water of Sara and cleaned Xxx pussy by licking.

Sister-in-law also made my cock erect by licking it.

She said- God, I will die… you bastards, at least put it away.

But my cock only went inside a little bit and sister-in-law started shouting loudly – ​​Ah Phad diya Saale ne… Ah Nikalo… Yours is very big… Will not go.

I said in my mind that it is not big… it is just 7 inches.

Perhaps it was the sister-in-law who was licked by such a big cock for the first time.

Then I gave a jerk and half cock went inside.

Sister-in-law started slapping my face loudly and said while abusing- out motherfucker… sister’s cock… brother-in-law tore my pussy!

I slowly started sucking her nipple.

After some time the sister-in-law became somewhat normal and I slowly started fucking with only half the cock.

We had been around for 3 hours.

Then Kusumalata aunty’s call came, sister-in-law said – I had come to the parlour, waxing is taking time. I’ll just come

Saying this, sister-in-law disconnected the phone.

I said – now tell me what to do? Go to the market or go home!He said – let’s go to the bathroom and have some fun there.

She took me to the bathroom.

We both entered the bathroom naked and came out after giving each other a good bath.

On the other hand, the mood for sex had developed, but sister-in-law asked to come to the room at night.

This was the story of daughter-in-law’s sex.


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