ayesha erotica: My sister-in-law enjoyed breaking the seal of a bachelor’s cock. My brother had stopped fucking his sister-in-law because of a stranger’s affair. So sister-in-law made me her pawn and enjoyed my bachelor cock.
Today I want to tell you about a true incident that happened in my life.
My eldest brother is much older than me. My elder brother got married early.
I was very young when my brother got married.
Many years of marriage of brother and sister-in-law passed very well and during this time they also had three children.
But it is said that no matter how beautiful a wife a man gets, he still likes his neighbor.
Brother started an affair with another woman of the village.
As soon as the sister-in-law came to know about this, a quarrel started in the house.
Sister-in-law explained a lot to brother but brother was not ready to leave that woman.
So sister-in-law started feeling sad and sad.
Now sister-in-law was always lost in herself.
The sister-in-law who used to always laugh and smile earlier, has now started remaining sullen.
Now let me tell you about sister-in-law.
My sister-in-law is very beautiful and beautiful woman, her complexion is fair.
Even after the sister-in-law had three children, she looked like an erotic commodity.
Perfectly flat stomach, taut milk and raised ass, flaccid waist and luscious lips.
In fact, sister-in-law did not look less than any actress from anywhere.
One day there was a big fight between brother and sister-in-law regarding that matter.
Brother left the house and sister-in-law locked herself in the room.
Sister-in-law was not opening the door on the request of the family members.
Then I went and begged my sister-in-law a lot. Then he opened the door only for me and closed the door again as soon as I came inside my room.
Sister-in-law respects me a lot.As a child, when I was young, I used to sleep with my sister-in-law And now I had just stepped into the stage of youth.
After closing the door of the room, the family members had no doubt about me because for my sister-in-law, I was like her son.
Nor was there any such thought in my mind.
Even after persuading her a lot, the sister-in-law was not getting ready to come out of the room, nor did she want to talk to the family members.
She was saying only one thing – if you want to explain, then explain to your son and your brother. What is my fault, which you people are explaining to me.
Sister-in-law was not even taking the name of getting out of the wrath house.
Then the family members called me and I came out to them.
Mummy said to me – You eat food… and feed your sister-in-law too. Sleep near it at night, lest it do anything in anger.
I came to sister-in-law with sister-in-law’s food.
I fed them and ate myself.
Sister-in-law asked me – where will you sleep?
I said – I will sleep here with you.
So sister-in-law said – it’s okay.
I said – I will bring the bed from outside and will sleep lying down here.
Sister-in-law said – For me you are still a child, so you sleep next to me.
I agreed to my sister-in-law and now we both started preparing for sleep.
I get dressed and layed on the bed.
That’s why sister-in-law said – you don’t sleep with your clothes off?
I said – no sister-in-law, I sleep like this.
Sister-in-law said – Okay, sleep like this.
She switched off the lights of the room, took off her saree, lay down on the double bed and started talking to me here and there.
Sister-in-law was lying on the bed in petticoat and blouse. She started runing her finger through my hair.
Then sister-in-law asked me a question- do you like me?
I replied yes and said – I do not like it at all when you cry.
Sister-in-law then you love me!
Me- yes.
Sister-in-law, will you listen to me.
Me- yes.
Sister-in-law, will you not say anything to anyone?
I will not say.
Sister-in-law think.
Me- Yes, I thought.
Sister-in-law for sure.
Me- yes sure thought.
Sister-in-law- Ok, then you will have to do what I say.
I said – yes, whatever you say, I will do that.
Till now there was no such thought in my mind that why sister-in-law was speaking like this.
I said – sister-in-law, I have obeyed everything you said. You never said anything to anyone.
Sister-in-law – yes it is.
Me- Yes sister-in-law, I also adore you a lot.
Sister-in-law- Let me ask you one thing!
Me- Yes sister-in-law ask.
Sister-in-law- Have you ever done anything with anyone?
me- what?
Sister-in-law sex.
Not me.
Sister-in-law means you don’t know anything now.
Me- No, who teaches such things to whom.
Sister-in-law said – I can teach you. If you don’t say anything to anyone!
Looking at my sister-in-law with surprise, I said – Sister-in-law, what has happened to you today?
Then the sister-in-law explained to me for a long time and said – the woman whose man leaves his wife and sleeps with another woman… and does not even ask about his own, then does that woman have any other way except to die? If I spit out, you’ll love it!
Me- Sister-in-law, whatever you say, I will do the same but you will not die and will not do anything with anyone outside.

Sister-in-law- Okay, if you listen to me, then I will not do anything.
Me- I will agree with you.
Sister-in-law- Ok… now you take off your pants and shirt and lie down on the bed.I did the same and took off my clothes and lay down on the bed in just my tights and vest.
Sister-in-law took off her petticoat and blouse.
For the first time in my life I was seeing a woman naked.
Seeing sister-in-law’s fair and bare body, tension started coming in my cock.
Me- Sister-in-law, I do not know anything.
Sister-in-law- don’t worry, whatever I tell you, you keep doing it, you will learn everything.
Sister-in-law started sucking my lips with her lips.
My hands started roaming on the bare body of sister-in-law.
Then sister-in-law started sucking my tongue.
Sister-in-law’s hand was taking stock of my cock from the top of my underwear. She was caressing my cock from above.
Friends, I cannot tell you the fun I was having at that time.
At that time it seemed to me that sister-in-law is heaven.
I regained consciousness when sister-in-law stopped sucking my lips.
Then my sleep broke.
When I opened my eyes and looked at my sister-in-law, she was opening her bra.
When I looked at her, sister-in-law asked me to take off my vest.
I took off my vest.
Sister-in-law lay down on the bed and asked me to suck her nipples.
I started sucking the nipple of one side of sister-in-law in my mouth.
Sister-in-law asked to rub the nipple of her other side nipple.
I started rubbing her nipple with my thumb and finger of one hand.
Sister-in-law started sobbing with this action of mine – Sasss aah mmmmm… Do it like this brother-in-law… He is enjoying it very much!
Now my condition also started getting worse, my cock started stretching.
My cock was getting hot like embers.
I felt as if the heat of the whole body had come down there.
Then I started feeling that the nerves of my penis might burst.
Now due to more tension in my cock, I started feeling slight pain in it.
I stopped sucking sister-in-law’s nipples and said- Sister-in-law, I am feeling that my cock may explode due to excitement, may it blast.
Sister-in-law took off her panty without delay and asked me to remove my underwear.
As soon as I took off my underwear, sister-in-law holding my cock in her hands said – it is right according to age… and how hot is yours!
Sister-in-law checked by removing the skin of my cock from the cap and said – You are still a bachelor, come on, today your seal will be broken and today your honeymoon will also be celebrated with me.
Saying this, sister-in-law took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop.
I started having a lot of fun.
Hardly the sister-in-law sucked my cock for 20-30 seconds that she took the cock out of her mouth.
Me- Hey sister-in-law, what did you do, why did you get fired!
Sister-in-law, brother-in-law, this is something to be poured down… not up. I also have a fire below, if it starts falling above, then who will cool down the fire below me!

Me – then why did you take it in your mouth?
Sister-in-law- virgin cock and virgin pussy meet very fortunately, so I was tasting the taste of cock seal in my mouth before taking it in my pussy.
Me- Sister-in-law, the nerves of my cock are bursting, you do something quickly.
As soon as I said this, sister-in-law lay down on the bed and gestured me to come between her two legs.
I went and sat between the two legs of sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law put my cock on the hole of her pussy and said – you put inside it and move back and forth.
Me- Sister-in-law, the nerves are getting tense and there is slight pain in the penis.
Sister-in-law- You put it inside the pussy and move back and forth, everything will be fine.
I obeyed sister-in-law and put my cock in sister-in-law’s pussy and started moving back and forth.
When I put my cock in sister-in-law’s pussy, sister-in-law comfortably swallowed my cock and with great pleasure closed her eyes and started fucking me.
She started rubbing both her mothers with both her hands.
Sister-in-law- Hh mmmm mmm sssss… like this brother-in-law… you are doing very well, do like this only.
I was going to feed the cock, but in the beginning I had a slight burning sensation in my cock, but now nothing was happening, I was just enjoying the rubbing of the cock in my pussy.
Sister-in-law, it seems that instead of brother-in-law’s cock, you have put burning embers in my pussy. Due to the heat of this cock of yours, my pussy has left water many times.
Here it was going to be half an hour while I was continuously fucking my sister-in-law.
Both me and sister-in-law were drenched in sweat.
I was having a mixed feeling of pain and pleasure while fucking my sister-in-law.
The fun I was having while fucking my sister-in-law, I cannot describe that fun in writing.
Now I was about to come closer to my destination and my cock shot my sister-in-law’s pussy.
As soon as my water came out, I fell exhausted on my sister-in-law. My whole body was drained of life, my breath was running fast.
For some time I kept lying on my sister-in-law like this, then lay down on the bed next to my sister-in-law.
After some time I felt pain in my penis, so I told my sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law got up from the bed and turned on the light of the room and saw that the seal of my cock was broken. That’s why I am in pain.
Sister-in-law was very happy to see this and she hugged me.

Sister-in-law-Brother-in-law, the mouth becomes sweet in this happiness.

Then the sister-in-law took out a jug of jaggery from the cupboard and gave it to me and while giving me a glass of water said – this is it at this time, eat it. Tomorrow I will prepare and feed you a dish and make a sweet of your choice.

I ate half the jaggery and fed half to my sister-in-law and after drinking half a glass of water put it on the table.

Sister-in-law took that glass of water and drank it.

Me-sister-in-law, that glass of mine was a liar!

Sister-in-law, brother-in-law, what is left now as a liar.

We both smiled at this.

By morning I had enjoyed having sex with my sister-in-law two more times.

Sister-in-law also had no grudge against brother now; She got my young cock for her pussy.

Now sister-in-law has started having sex with me; He doesn’t even remember his brother’s cock.


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