Best motivational story: There was a lazy boy who did not want to do any kind work in life. He would just eat and roam around and sleep. One day someone told him about a ashram where he did not have to do anything and would got two meals a day. So, the lazy boy thought it was a great idea and decide to go and live in that ashram, leaving behind his entire worldly life.

There was a Guru in the ashram who would give lectures to everyone. The lazy boy would listen during that time, but the rest of the time, he would relax and then go to sleep after having a full meal.

Days went by like this. One day, nothing was prepared in the ashram. During breakfast time, there was no food available. The lazy boy thought that if he didn’t get breakfast, he would surely get lunch. But even during lunchtime, he didn’t receive any food. The boy ran to the Guru and asked why there was no food prepared that day.

Guru reply

The Guru replied, “My child, today is Ekadashi, and all the members of the ashram are observing a fast, including you. There won’t be any food prepared today.” The lazy boy, who was both lazy and always hungry, said to the Guru, “I won’t observe the fast today. I’m feeling hungry, and I will eat.”

The Guru said, “Alright, go to the kitchen, take some ingredients, and prepare your own food(Best motivational story). But remember, after cooking, you must offer the first portion to God as an offering and then take your prasad (blessed food).”

The boy agreed and went to the storage area to collect the ingredients. He started cooking and once it was ready, he said, ‘Lord Rama please come and accept the offering.” However, when he realize that lord Rama had not actually come he said, “I know you have a good appetite(Best motivational story). I could not prepare a proper meal, but please accept whatever dry food I’ve made.”

Lord Rama was pleased by the boy’s simplicity and appeared before him, accompanied by Mother Sita. The boy noticed that both Lord Rama and Mother Sita had arrived, so he placed the food in front of them, intending to offer it to them.

Lord Ram and Maa Sita

Lord Rama and Mother Sita ate the food, and after they finished, they were about to leave. At that moment, the innocent and lazy boy said, “Lord, it was wonderful to have your darshan (divine presence). I didn’t receive any food, but that’s alright. I have a humble request for you. Please inform me in advance how many people will come with you next time, so I can prepare enough food for all of them.”

Lord Rama smiled inwardly and then immersed himself in deep contemplation.

The boy returned to the ashram, days passed, and then Ekadashi arrived again. This time, the boy brought grains and ingredients for three to four people and went to the riverside to cook. He prepared the meal with great joy and eagerly awaited the arrival of Lord Rama to offer the food.
Once upon a time, there was a boy who saw Lord Rama and his entire court, including Mother Sita, Lakshmana, Bharata, Hanuman, and everyone else, coming with a grand procession(Best motivational story). The boy had prepared a meal for 3-4 people, but once again, the food fell short. Disheartened, the boy left the food in front of the Lord and went away. Lord Rama ate the meal and then departed. However, the boy remained hungry once again.

Boy come back!

The boy returned to the ashram, and as days went by, the day of Ekadashi (a Hindu fasting day) arrived. This time the boy approached his guru and said mentori, I require a larger quantity of grains this time” The guru pondered why the boy needed such a significant number of grains and wondered ‘Is he intending to sell it?” Nevertheless, the guru made up his mind to personally witness what the boy intended to do with the grains. The innocent boy took the grains and reached the bank of a river. Instead of cooking the food this time, he thought, “Every time, Lord Rama comes with so many people, and they all have to eat. This time, I will let them prepare their own meal and lovingly call upon the Lord.”

The guru was secretly observing everything(Best motivational story). He saw that the boy didn’t cook the food and was calling upon the Lord without preparing the meal. However, the boy noticed that a lot of people had come with Lord Rama. So, he folded his hands and said to the Lord, “Lord, please forgive me. I don’t know the number of people, and I don’t have the courage to cook for so many. Please come and make your own meal and enjoy it.” Lord Rama smiled and, along with all the people present, cooked the meal.

The mentor had been silently watching all this, that the food was not prepared, yet the boy was calling upon the Lord. But when the boy saw that many people had come with the Lord, he humbly said, “Lord, forgive me. I don’t know the count of people, and I don’t have the courage to cook for so many. Please come and make your own meal and enjoy it.” The Lord smiled and, along with all the people who had come with him, cooked the meal.

Mentor’s observation

Guruji was silently observing everything and then approached the boy, asking him what he was doing. The boy replied, “Guruji, don’t you see that Lord Rama has arrived? Mother Sita is here, Hanuman ji is here, and everyone else has come. The food is being prepared.”

Guruji said, “You have gone mad. I do not saw anyone.” The boy became angry and said, “Lord what are you doing? First, you made me hungry, and now you are refuse to reveal yourself to Guruji who believe I’m shocked. Please, Lord, reveal yourself to Guruji.”

The Lord replied, ‘No, I cannot show myself to them.’ The boy asked, ‘Why can’t you show yourself? My Guruji is a great and wise person. He know so much.” The Lord said that ‘Yes, he may be knowledgeable and wise but he lacks the simple that you possess. Your mentor lacks the mentor that you possess.

The boy shared this conversation with Guruji, explaining that Lord Rama said, “You lack simplicity, unlike me. That’s why you cannot see Him.”

Guruji’s eyes became moist, and he started to cry. He admitted that what Lord Rama said was absolutely true and apologized. Then, the Lord granted Guruji a vision as well.

Best motivational story

Moral of the story

This story teaches us that simplicity is the most important aspect of life. The simpler you are, the more you progress in life. When you are simple, you not only smile yourself but also give others a reason to smile.


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