Devotional short story: According to Hindu mythology and Lord Vishnu did not take the Earth out of any ocean, although the ocean is believed to exist on Earth. In the story, Hiranyaksha, the brother of Hiranyakashipu, took the Earth and hid it in the ocean. As a result, Lord Vishnu took the form of a boar (Varaha) and killed Hiranyaksha, restoring the Earth by placing it back in its proper place. This story is considered a mythological tale and not a literal event.

In modern times

NASA’s exploration has discovered the largest and farthest water reservoir in the universe. The water in this reservoir is estimated to be equivalent to 140 trillion times the water on Earth’s oceans and is located more than 12 billion light-years away and It is evident that the demon in the mythological story must have hidden the Earth in this reservoir, which can also be referred to as “Bhavasagar” as described in Hindu scriptures(Devotional short story). However, it’s important to note that these stories and interpretations are based on mythology and do not have a scientific basis.

Ultimately, as humans, we can’t comprehend the true power and nature of the creator of the universe, whose will governs the functioning of the cosmos. Trying to ascertain the extent of their abilities is beyond the capabilities of mere humans. We cannot even perceive their immense cosmic form with our limited vision.

Some foolish individuals believe that our country and its civilization are backward. They think that if NASA says something, it must be true. They also believe that India’s civilization, knowledge, science, and religion are lagging behind. For them, I would like to clarify that civilization, knowledge, science, religion, and respect all originated from India. If you have questions about this, examine history.

Another countries

Go to the countries whose civilizations you admire and question their own religion and gods. They don’t question their gods or religion because they have propagated their religion so well that Christianity is the most followed religion in the world today, in just 2,000 years. They convert fools like you. And you are a fool for questioning your own country and religion. If your ancestors were monkeys, then it is always appropriate to question and argue with God. Who is NASA to tell us whether we are right or wrong? NASA cannot even estimate the antiquity of Hinduism. When the first school was established in England and India already had millions of Gurukuls and The four Vedas and eighteen Puranas were written hundreds of thousands of years ago. When ancient monarchy systems were prevalent in India, these people didn’t even know how to wear clothes.

Tulsidas described the distance of the sun when the world had no knowledge of distance. The greatest scientist of astronomy, Aryabhata, belonged to India. He enlightened the world about the universe, the shape and circumference of the Earth. If some foolish people consider India false in the face of foreign culture, then no one can be a bigger fool and traitor than them. This update was necessary for those who have doubts about God.

For those who consider the Vedas and Puranas as mere entertainment books, the scriptures say:

“One who does not have affection or love for Lord Vishnu is indifferent or opposing. Such a person is considered anti-God. He is like a dead person.

Moral of Devotional short story:

Such ignorant people believe that there is no ultimate reality. When there is no ultimate reality, this world operates on its own. We ourselves are the creators of our destiny. We ourselves are the ones who communicate. What we do is what happens. Those who are engulfed in ignorance and oppose God are like dead beings who do not believe in God without any basis or reasoning. They have gathered many fallacies of God’s non-existence.

The proper timing of day and night, the proper rising and setting of the sun. The seamless functioning of trees, plants, atoms, and human brains is not happening without any effort. Where does consciousness come from within living beings? How does every creature produce its own kind of seed? How does the structure of the body form according to its needs? It is impossible for these things to occur without any formless power. And if there is still a desire to argue against God and the Vedas and Puranas, then their life holds no significance.


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