Emotional love short story: This is the story of Rani, who lived in Dalton Gang. She was beautiful and cute. Today is Rani’s birthday, and she is very happy because it is the best day of her life.

And why wouldn’t she be happy? The guy she loves is going to propose to her for marriage by giving her a diamond ring today. She has complete hope that Aryan will propose to her for marriage because Aryan had promised her. Rani was eagerly waiting for Aryan, and then the doorbell rings. Rani cannot contain her happiness when she sees Aryan and immediately hugs him.

Aryan: “I’m sorry, love. I got a little late in coming.”

Rani: “That’s okay. Tell me, where is my gift?”

Aryan: (giving her a Teddy Bear) “Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I wish you all the best.”

Rani: (taking the gift) “What is this? I thought you would give me a diamond ring and propose to me for marriage, but you’ve come with a small Teddy Bear.”

Rani becomes angry inside, and without saying anything, she throws the Teddy Bear out of the window. Rani turns red with anger and without saying anything, she goes to her room.

Suddenly, Aryan runs downstairs and sees his Teddy Bear lying in the middle of the road. As he bends down to pick it up, a speeding truck comes and hits Aryan, crushing him. Aryan is taken to the hospital, but he breathes his last on the way. Rani reaches the hospital and starts crying upon seeing Aryan’s condition. Right next to him, she finds Aryan’s Teddy Bear.

Rani holds it against her chest and begins sobbing loudly. Then she notices a button near the Teddy Bear. As she presses the button, a voice comes from the Teddy Bear, saying, “Rani, will you marry me?” At that moment, a compartment in the Teddy Bear opens up, revealing a diamond ring. However, it was too late. Rani will never be able to meet her Aryan again. Rani may never forgive herself for this mistake.

Moral of Emotional love short story

This story teaches us that no matter what happens, we should never be upset with our loved ones.


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