Erotica for women: This is about lock down. I had got work from home during the lock down, so I had to do all the household work because due to the fear of Covid, the maid etc. were removed.

Along with all the work, the work of bringing milk from the dairy also came in my share.

I used to find this work very bad because many ladies used to come there and don’t know what they used to talk meaninglessly.

I used to get cooked by his words.But what would I do, this time with work from home, this work also came in my share.

Today was my first day of going to collect milk.

We had changed our milk to dairy, so at 4 pm I went to buy milk.

As soon as I reached there, I saw a man extracting milk from a buffalo.

As soon as I reached there, he saw me and said – who are you?

I said – I am Singh Sahib’s son.

He said – you work outside, you are the same, aren’t you?

I said- Yes, right now this work from home is going on due to Kovid.

In such a conversation, it was not known when the milk ran out. He gave me a measure of milk and I came home.

When When I went to buy milk the next day, I saw a dark-skinned girl extracting milk.

When I saw it, I felt a bit strange.

Seeing me, she said – today father is not there, he had said that if Singh Sahib’s son comes, then give him milk.

I said – yes the same, I was a little surprised to see you. I did not see any girl extracting milk.

He said- Why… Can only men extract milk!

I said – no no, just never seen.

Then it was not known in the talks when that girl took out the milk.

I said – if there is more problem then apply move spray.

She said – Yes, it is okay, but there is no spray… and father and mother have gone to the wedding. He will come after 2-3 days.

I said – I will give it now, it is kept at my house.

She started refusing- Hey there is no such thing, everything is fine, don’t worry.

I said – Hey, there is nothing to worry about. Internal pain is very bad. You keep measuring the milk, I will come now.

I came home and took spray and pain killer from my room and went back to milk dairy.By the time I reached there, she had measured the milk.

I gave him a spray and told him to give a tablet – if the pain is severe, then eat it.

He said thank you.

I said – give tea instead of thank you.

He said- Hey come come… what is this thing.

I said – hey, I was just joking.

She said- Hey come on… I was about to make tea for myself anyway.

Without taking much emotion, I came inside his house and sat on the sofa.

She went to the kitchen to make tea. The kitchen was in front of the room.

When I was sitting, the inside view was clearly visible.

She said from inside -you helped me and I am also making tea for you. But I haven’t even asked your name yet.

I said – My name is Riyansh and yours?

She said – My name is Meenakshi.

I said – your name is very good. what do you do like that

Meenakshi- I have done B.COM and my family members are watching the relationship for me.

I said – so soon… this is the age to make a boyfriend.

She started laughing – age is of no use.

So much so that I became her tea and she brought it in a tea tray.

As soon as she put the tea tray on the table, she suddenly let out a sigh.

I said – what happened?

She started saying – it is hurting.

I said – apply spray.

She said – Yes, I will apply it after a while.

Then she sat on the chair next to me and we both finished our tea.

Now I said – I will go, thank you for the tea.

She said – there is no question of thank you.

I said – get a massage, you will get relief.

She said – I amhaving difficulty in standing by myself, how will I massage!

I said – get it done by someone.

Meenakshi- Oh no one is there.

I said – If you don’t have any problem, I can plant it.

She said- Oh no Babu… I will do it and said – ok.

I came back home.

In that night I kept thinking about that girl that Meenakshi is very sweet and open minded girl.

I didn’t know when I fell as leep while thinking about him.

The next day I went to buy milk again.

When I reached there, I saw that she was waiting for me.

She was looking very cute.

She was wearing a red colored kurti and pink colored palazzo and a small black bindi was adding to her beauty.

I would say something to him, in the meantime he told me – milk will not be available today. I canot get it out. Because my lower back pain has increased a lot.

I asked her – you didn’t do the massage?

Meenakshi- Hey, how would you have done it with yourself, the pain killer you had given gave me some relief.

I said – there is no question of milk, I give massage. Don’t you worry You understand that you have come to see the doctor. you can count on me

Meenakshi- It is not reliable, just understand Baba that I am a girl and I am feeling a bit strange afterhearing this.

I said – do all these things later… go get the spray first, I will apply it.

He said – ok ok. Come to the room, put it there.

As soon as I went to the room, he gave the spray in my hand and said – apply it.

After giving the spray, she lay down on the bed. I sat on the bed and said – raise your kurti a little.

While lying there upside down, he raised a little kurti with one hand.

I opened the cap of the spray and took the spray near her waist and pressed it.

He said – It is feeling cold.

I kept my hands near her waist and started massaging her with both my hands.

I asked while massaging – where is the pain?

She said – a little below the waist.

I said – you move your plazo down a little.

she put on her palazzo without saying anything

slide down

Without saying anything, she lowered her palazzo a little. When she lowered the palazzo, her little hips were visible.

I started feeling a little tingling in my body. I put some spray on her butt and started pressing it with my hand and started massaging her body by moving both my hands up and down.

Meenakshi started taking deep breaths.

Something started happening to me too.

When I was massageng her, Meenakshi said – Riyansh is enjoying a lot. Shall I say one thing?

I said – say yes.

He said – tomorrow when you I had seen that since then I liked you very much.

I said – Thank you, you are also very lovely.

After listening to me, he immediately turned and put his hand on my neck and put his lips on mine.

I could not understand at all what happened. I immediately retreated.

She immediately started saying sorry.

Without thinking anything, I pull her to my side and put my lips on her lips.

I started sucking her lips. I was sucking her upper lip and she was pressing my lower lip.

We both did that kiss for a long time.

Then I removed my lips from hers and kissed her on the cheek.

She was taking hot breaths.

Now I kept kissing her cheks and neck slowly and started licking one of her ears with my tongue.

When you kiss a girl like this, she becomes more eager.

Same happened with Meenakshi. She started breathing faster.

While kissing, I started pressing her mother slowly from the top of the kurti with one hand.

Meenakshi also put her hand on my cock and she lightlly stroked my cock from the top of the pant.

Started rubing lightly.

I was also breathing fast.

He removed his hand and removed his kurti.

I started looking at her youth with lustfull eyes. The very next moment she removed her black bra as well.

She had become very impatient.

I told him – you lied down.

She lay there on the bed.

I also took off my shirt and climb on top of it.

First I kissed her on the lips and while kissing slowly kissed her on the chin. Sucked his chin for a while too.She was taking long breaths and holding her straight arms Since my cock was pressing fast.

My cock was already erect.

He unbuttoned my pant and opened the pant chain and slipped it a bit.

Then by putting her hand in my tights, she started rubbing the cock.

I started kissing her neck while sucking her chin and was pressing her milk with my opposite hand. Her breasts were not very big but were quite tight.

I was having a lot of fun.

Her nipples were erect and became very tight.

The teats were light brown in color.

I came down liking her neck and mouthed one of her boob Took in

Her hising came out and I started sucking her milk. At the same time, his other one started pressing the mother very fast.

Meenakshi said in the middle – I am feeling sigh… do it a little comfortably, no!

Where was I supposed to hear anything? I was very intoxicated.

Now I put my mouth on the other’s mom and started sucking it.

I was also pressing her other milk with one hand. With the other hand, he was pressing her pussy from the top of her palazzo.After sucking for a while, I got up and took off her plazo with both my hands in one go. After Plazo, I took off her black panty too with my hands.

When I saw her pussy, it was such a clean shaven pussy as if it was cleanedtoday.

Without thinking anything, I put my mouth on her pussy and started licking her pusy.


Her pussy was a litlle wet. I opened her pussy with the fingers of my hand, so she was not opening much.

Meenakshi was taking long breaths and was pressing my head on her pussy.

She was saying – hurry up please please now I can’t stop.

My cock had also become very tight. I spit a little on her pussy and took off my pants and separated them.

Now I put both her legs on my shoulder and rubed the spit lying on her pussy with my hand and put my cock on her hole.

The supara of the cock was set in the clefts of the pussy, so I gave a slight push.

My little cock enter the pussy.

She imediately started saying ‘unh ah…’. She said – Please do it inside quickly. I put both hands under his back and lifted him and puled him towards me.

Then he himself bowed down a bit and started kising her.

Started sucking his lips.

He was also having a lot of fun.

She was sucking my lips with fulll fun.

I feet that her pussy got a little wet; Lund was also trying to enter a bit.

I suddenly pressed her lips with my lips and gave a sharp push.

She again fell on her back on the bed.

I slowly started taking my cock out.

I was feeling very hot on my cock.

She was yearning.

Slowly I increase my speed and kept going in and out faster.

She was now enjoying and her waist was also moving with cocks.

The cool sounds of chudai starte coming.

After some time I collapsed.

I took out my cock and at the stage of 69 I turne my cuck towards her mouth.

My mouth had come towrds her pussy.

I start licking Meenakshi pussy.

She startd licking my cock.

I puut my two finger in her pussy and started pounding fast.

After some time she also fell down.

Till now he had cleaned my cock by likcing all the semen of my cock.

After that he aslo took out bufalo milk and kept it in the frige.

That day I stayed there the whole night. We had sex 4 times that day. Meenakshi enjoyed kissing my cock in diferrent positions.


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