Fickle mind: The matter is intriguing and swift and it is not easily express in words. When the turbulence of the mind subsides, then there is a delightful revelation in the mind. How astonishing it is that every individual in the world desires to attain the Supreme Being, yet does not wish to truly know Him! Can it be possible for the Supreme Being to come to you in the form of a person and embrace you or for you to embrace Him? In this world, nothing is impossible. Whatever is the thread of this world, somewhere or the other, it exists.

And if it exists then it can be attain. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said that for My devote, nothing in this world is unatainable. What is require is to become a love-devotee and a knowledgeable devotee. Every physical object in the world can be obtain by you through your efforts and through tricker and through stealing through deceit and through lie, through greed, through giving bribes and through cheating other and so on. However, you cannot attain the Supreme Being through any of these means.

If it were possible to attain the Supreme Being(Fickle mind) through these methods, then Duryodhana had tried all these attempts before the Kurukshetra war, yet he could not bring Krishna under his control. So what is it about the Supreme being that He cannot be ensnare by all these described efforts?
To understand this and it is necessary to know the nature of the God. When a children comes in this world and it is in the form of the God. There is no difference between its nature and the nature of the Supreme Being. That is why the actions of the child appear enchanting to us. Its mind is so pure that we see glimpses of the Supreme Being in it. As the child grows older, worldly activities begin to influence it, and it gradually moves away from its innocent nature.

This distortion keeps it away from the Supreme Being. A pure mind is an infinite reservoir of love. That is why everyone loves a child, and the child also appears dear to everyone. This is why a child establishes its first connection with the world through a smile. In our language it is call a social smile. In this state, the child does not know who loves it from the heart and who has come with ulterior motives. It welcomes everyone with its lovely smile. There cannot be a more perfect example of unconditional love.
Indeed, this is the inherent nature of the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being also sees everyone with equal vision. It is true that those who are fill with love are most dear to him.

Only those who are completely imbued with love can become friends of the Supreme Being. Arjuna was able to attain Krishna as a friend for this reason and he was fill with love. To be fill with love you simply need to maintain a childlike and innocent nature and prevent any worldly distortions from entering your mind. When your mind becomes pure, you will start seeing the presence of the Supreme Being in everyone. Love present within you is the Supreme Being(Fickle mind). To attain love, you don’t need to wander anywhere, nor do you need to search for the Supreme Being anywhere. Swami Ramsukh Das Ji used to say, “The solution lies within, just like a seed contains the entire tree.” Jealousy, ulterior motives, greed, desires, and cravings are all distortions. Once you eliminate these from your mind, what remains is love, and love is the Supreme Being.


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