Gurugram. sector 57. incident: Miscreants attacked a religious site in Gurugram, resulting in one person’s death and two injured.
After a violent clash in Nuh, on Tuesday, some individuals set fire to an under-construction building in Sector-57, Gurugram. As soon as the information about the fire was receive, police vehicles rushed to the scene.

The police stated that they received a report of a fire. In an under-construction building in Sector-57, Gurugram, and dispatched two fire truck to the location.

Gurugram, Jagran Correspondent: Following a violent clash in Nuh, late Monday night, some miscreants attacked a religious site in Sector-57, Gurugram, and set it on fire. In the attack on the religious site by the miscreants, one person lost their life, while two others were injured.

Gurugram. sector 57. incident

A fire broke out in a religious site, and upon receiving the information, two fire trucks rushed to the scene and quickly brought the fire under control. Due to the fire in the building, a motorcycle was also reduced to ashes. It is reported that a madrasa was being run in the basement of this under-construction building.
In view of this incident, the police have deployed a heavy force in the entire area.

As a precautionary measure and police personnel have been stationed in areas with a significant minority population.

Gurugram. sector 57. incident, Similarly, in Gurugram‘s Sector-82 area, when the police received information about an attack on a religious site by miscreants resulting in a fire, they promptly deployed a strong security force to the location.


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