Heart touching motivational story: Once upon a time, a prominent politician visited a small ashram of a revered saint. He had heard a lot about the saint and was curious to see why people praised him so much. When he arrived at the ashram, there was a small room with a mat laid out. Some people were sitting below, engaged in a question-and-answer session with the saint. The politician entered the ashram accompanied by four bodyguards, as was his usual practice. Wherever he went, people would stand up from their places look towards him, fold their hands, and bow their heads in respect.

But here, nothing of the sort happened. The saint was preoccupied and didn’t even glance towards the politician. This offended the politician, and he became angry, thinking that this was an insult to him. The politician, with a hint of anger, interrupted the conversation and said, “I want to say something to you.” The saint looked at him and replied, “Please wait for a moment. First, let me answer their question. After that, I will talk to you. Meanwhile, if you wish, you can take a seat.”

Just as the saint finished speaking, the politician’s face turned red with anger, and he unleashed his fury upon the saint. Until now, the politician had been speaking politely, using respectful language. But now, he descended to using derogatory language. The politician said, “Do you even know who I am? And whom are you talking to?”

The saint looked at him and calmly responded, “It doesn’t matter to me who you are. But if you want me to answer your question or talk to you, you will have to wait for a while.” The politician went mad with rage, shouting and screaming in front of everyone, “Now I will show you your real place! You have messed with the wrong person. Do you even know what I think of you?”

Once again, the saint turned his gaze towards the politician and lovingly said, “It doesn’t matter to me what you think of me. You can think whatever you want.”
The leader then said to him, “Whether you want to hear it or not, I will tell everyone here what I think of you. You are not a saint; you are a despicable person. You are a fraud, a hypocrite, and you are fooling all the people sitting here. Your only goal is to take all the money from their pockets and keep it for yourself.

You are using these people for your own benefit, and now I won’t let you go. I will expose you in front of the whole world.

But even after saying all this, a faint smile remained on the saint’s face. Seeing this, the leader became even more unsettled and said, “Enough is enough now. I won’t stay here for another minute. But if you want to apologize or say something to me, you can.”

After all that had happened, the saint still had a smile on his face, and he was completely calm. He close his eyes then open them join his hand and said, ‘I have no complaint or grievances against you. Whatever you said about me was your own perception. I don’t see any negativity in you. You seen like a very best person to me.”

Upon hearing this from the saint, the leader’s mind was taken aback. A strange joy appeared on his face because the saint had said the same thing that everyone else says about that leader. Happily, he walked back from the ashram to his home and sat with his father.

His father was lost in thought. He had spent his entire life serving people without expecting anything in return. After a while when he open his eyes and see his son sitting beside him he notice an unusual happiness on his son’s face which he had never saw before.
Then he recounted everything one by one, explaining what happened today, how he went to the ashram, what happened there, what he said, and what the saint said.

When his father listen to the full story he smile a little and said, ‘He didn’t praise you because he did not say anything about who are you. He said something about himself and whatever you said to him, you did not say anything about who he is, but rather about who you are.”

Moral of heart touching motivational story

This is also mentioned in the Vedas: “Yatha drishti tatha srushti,” which means, “As you see, so is the creation.” The world doesn’t appear to you as it is but as you are. The way you perceive it is how the world appear to you. So, if you want to change your world there is only a way to change your perception.


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