Heart touching story: This is a love story about Richa, who found nothing but betrayal and deceit in return for her true love. So, if you also love someone endlessly, read this story once.

It was the first day of college, and new faces were everywhere. Everyone was trying to establish their identity with these new faces. All the students were introducing themselves to each other. The teacher made the process of introductions easier.

She asked everyone to introduce themselves in front of everyone. One by one, all the students were sharing information about themselves. As Richa start talking about herself and it seem like Vishal eyes was fixated on her. Vishal listened attentively to Richa’s introduction and couldn’t take his eyes off her.

Even on the second day of college, when Vishal arrived, his gaze seemed to be searching only for Richa. Vishal made numerous attempts to talk to Richa, using any excuse, but he never got a chance. This went on for several days.

Then one day a group was form in college for an assignment and both Richa and Vishal were in the same group. Hearing this, Vishal became very happy. Finally, he got a chance to be friends with Richa, and he didn’t want to lose this opportunity under any circumstances. As they started working on the assignment together, conversations began, and before they knew it, they became friends.

With time, Richa and Vishal became good friends. However, their friendship slowly started growing into something more. One day, Vishal mustered the courage and proposed to Richa. Richa couldn’t say no to Vishal either because she had developed feelings of love for him in her heart.

Richa and Vishal had become not just friends but also lovers. Even after college, they continued to spend time together. Soon, the entire class came to know about Richa and Vishal’s love story. Vishal would always give expensive gifts to Richa, and Richa would help Vishal with his projects. Everyone told that Richa and Vishal were made for each other meaning they were the perfect couple.

Richa would always ask Vishal about marriage, and Vishal would assure her that he couldn’t live without her. Their relationship went well for three years. However, after college, Richa and Vishal started meeting less frequently. Even when Richa called Vishal, he wouldn’t talk to her properly, claiming to be busy with his father’s business. However, Richa had already informed her family about Vishal and everything related to him.

As a result her family started pressuring her to get marry to Vishal. But now, Richa was unable to give an answer to her own family. One day, she went to Vishal’s father’s restaurant, but Vishal was not there. So, Richa told Vishal’s father that she was Vishal’s friend and happened to pass by the restaurant. Please tell me the English translation of the story.

Listen, Richa became completely silent and left from there. She went straight to her room and locked herself inside, crying for hours. When Richa told her parents about the situation, they somehow tried to explain to her that she should move forward in life and think about the future. What is gone do not ruin your future by thinking about it.

But Richa still could not forget Vishal and every night she cried and comforting her heart by saying, ‘So what if a heart is broken?”

Moral of the story(Heart touching story)

Friends, love doesn’t always succeed, and it doesn’t always turn out to be true. Sometimes people also face betrayal in love, but somewhere there must have been a flaw in you as well. You love someone who was not mean for you. Somewhere, you made a mistake in judging that person.


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