Importance of selection: The righteous king Pratapbhanu wandered from jungle to jungle in search of God. But in the process of wandering, he forgot his goal and instead elevated a deceiver to the status of God (the perfect mentor). He continued to prioritize the deceiver’s choice over God’s expectations. “Abandon all compassion, do not consider your own welfare!” And what consequence did he face for this wrong choice? By forgetting his goal and seeking the support of a demon, he had to be reborn as the demon Ravana in his next life.

Even Duryodhana made the same mistake! Despite repeated attempts by Lord Krishna to convince Duryodhana, he did not listen, and the great war of the Mahabharata became inevitable. That’s when Lord Krishna presented Arjuna with a choice, saying, “On one side, I stand alone unarmed, and on the other side is my well-equipped fourfold army! Choose whom you desire!”

Arjuna made the choice, the choice of Lord Krishna! On the other hand, Duryodhana became a victim of his appearance! He placed his seal of choice on the fourfold army. We all know the outcome of this choice for Duryodhana! Therefore, when making choices, do not become a victim of appearances! Pay attention to both quantity and quality. If anyone had the zeal and capability to match the skilled archer Arjuna, it was Karna, the uncrowned king.

Karna possessed an invincible power to slay Arjuna(Importance of selection). However, even then, Karna could not succeed in killing him. Why? Because the power he was supposed to use against Arjuna, under the pressure of Duryodhana, he used that power to kill Ghatotkacha instead. Where the choice should have been the selection of nails, he ended up using teeth in vain! The implication is that the power that could have achieved a greater goal was wasted due to the wrong choice, thus leading to failure. Therefore, never succumb to someone’s pressure and make a choice.

On one hand, Vibhishana’s choice earned him respect, honor, prestige, and wealth. On the other hand, Kaikeyi became a recipient of scorn and disgust due to her choice. If Vibhishana had desired, driven by good reasoning, he could have chosen Ravana instead of Lord Rama. But he made his choice based on discernment. In contrast, influenced by Manthara’s cunning tactics, Kaikeyi said, “There is no one in the world who can ensure my well-being better than you,” implying that there is no one better than her in the world. Kaikeyi lost her discernment and, forsaking Lord Rama, made the choice of Manthara.

The consequence of that one wrong choice marked Kaikeyi for ages to come. She not only lost her love for her son Bharata but also fell in her own eyes forever. Therefore, always remember that while making choices, rely not on reasoning but on discernment. This way, your choices will never lead to regret.

When a person reaches the presence of a true mentor(Importance of selection), they attain that profound knowledge of the divine, which awakens discernment within them. They can hear the voice of their own soul and understand which path is right and which is wrong. They should not forget their goal, not forsake the company of discernment, not judge based on appearances, not succumb to pressure, and make the right choices to bring happiness and progress in their life.


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