Love is a gift that makes life beautiful. After falling in love, a different feeling emerges. At that moment, we forget everything and constantly think about that person. I am going to tell you a heart-touching love story: In this story, love was present on both sides, but it remained incomplete. It started like this. Rekha and I meet at a wedding, we fell in love at first sight.
After that, we frequently bumped into each other somehow and our friendship grew. We didn’t realize when our friendship turned into love. Then one day, we both are decided that this is our life and there is nothing beyond it.
We thought our love would surely be fulfilled one day and become an example for the world. But often somethings do not turn out the way people expects.
When we our first meet we did not think that our friendship would transformed into in love. One day, I meet one of her close friend. Her friend said that Rekha is not the right girl for me.

At that time, I scolded her friend a lot. I told her, ‘If she is not right, then why are you with her. You are her best friend and yet you are speaking ill of her.” I did not believe a word she said but maybe it was my mistake.
Some days later, I found out that Rekha had a boyfriend whom she had left because he was not wealthy. Then I paid attention to what Rekha’s friend had said.
I thought, if tomorrow I become financially stable and if I become poor like Rekha’s ex-boyfriend, she will leave me too and go to someone else. That’s why I ended our relationship then and there, and my love story remained incomplete.
I hope you liked my story. Thank you once again.


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