Lion’s third child/cub: In a jungle, a captain lived with his lioness. They participated a deep love for both the baby. They would go hunting together and eat their prey together. After some days, the lioness gave birth to two baby. The captain said,” Now you do not go for stalking. Stay in home and take care of my babies. I’ll go stalking alone and bring food for you as well.” From that day on, the captain started going for stalking alone. The lioness stay in home and took care of both the baby.
One day, when the captain went for stalking, he could not find anything despite roving around all day. On his way back, he saw a fox cub wandering alone. He allowed
,” moment, the lioness hasn’t set up any food. Why not take this fox cub with me?” With that study, the captain caught the fox cub and brought it home. He said,” moment, I could not find anything in the jungle except for this cub. Considering it as a cub, I could not bring myself to kill it and eat. You go ahead and eat it.”
The lioness replied,” If you could not kill it considering it a cub, also why are you asking me to kill and eat it? I will not eat it. Just like I take care of our two cubs, I’ll take care of this one too. Now, I’ve three cubs.” From that day on, the lioness started taking care of the fox cub along with her captain cubs. The fox cub also grew up with the captain cubs and they all played and frolicked together.

The captain cubs didn’t realise that they were captain baby, and the fox baby didn’t see itself as different from the captain baby.
Three siblings, who were foxes, went to the jungle to play one day. They saw an giant. Two of the captain cubs go to behind the giant, but the fox cub got spook when he saw it. He stopped the captain cubs and said,” Hey, do not go behind it. It’s an giant, it’ll crush you with its legs.”
But the captain cubs did not hear to the fox cub. They went behind the giant to kill it. still, the fox cub, in fear, ran back to his mama . After a while, the two captain cubs returned to their mama . They told her,” We set up an giant in the jungle. We both went behind it, but our third stock got spook and came back home.”
The fox cub got angry and said,” You are calling me a sissy and them stalwart? If I want, I can throw both of them to the ground.” The lioness, trying to explain to the fox cub, said,” You should not say similar effects about your siblings. They aren’t complaining about you but telling the verity. Were not you spooked when you saw the giant?”
Upon hearing the lioness’ words, the fox cub did not like it at all. He said in a surprised tone,” What are you saying? It seems like my lineage and theirs are different. Tell me the verity.” The lioness took the fox cub away and explained to him,” Look, you were born into the fox lineage, and they were born into the captain lineage. I showed you kindness by raising you alongside my cubs.”
” Now you have grown up. I’ve handed for your aliment, but all your rates are just like a fox. That is why you got spooked of that giant.”” I’ve hidden this secret from my cubs until now. When they find out that you’re a fox baby, they will kill and eat you. So, it’s better that you run down from then before the secret is revealed.” After hearing the lioness’ words, the fox cub got spooked and still ran down from there.


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