Murder mystery: In March 1922, in a farmhouse located 70 kilometers from Munich, Germany, a 63-year-old farmer. Named Andreas Gruber heard footsteps behind his house during the night. He woke up his sleeping wife, Kazila (72), and shared the incident, but she couldn’t hear anything. Meanwhile, from another room, Josef (2), the grandson of their widowed daughter Victoria, began crying.

Kazila asked her husband to stay quiet. So the children wouldn’t wake up, and besides, their granddaughter Kazilia. Had to leave for school early in the morning. Andreas silently went back to sleep, trusting Kazila’s words.

The next morning, Andreas came across a newspaper outside his house. That was not his and was write in a different language. He asked the neighbors, but none of them had the newspaper. Andreas was surprise, and then his gaze fell upon the footprints in the snow behind his house. No one went to that part of the house because of the thorny bushes. He asked everyone in the house, but they all said they hadn’t gone there.

The maid said there must be a ghost’s presence in the house because strange sounds. That heard at night, and she left out of fear.
After some days, the keys to their house went missing. Since they did not have a maid they could not suspect anyone and they did not report it to the police. On Friday, March 31, the Gruber family hire a new maid, Maria Baumgartner (44).

On Monday when the mail man came to deliver the mail and he notice that the mail that was deliver on Saturday was still lying in front of the door. He asked the neighbors, and they told him that they had not seen anyone from the Gruber family leave the house for several days. They had not seen Victoria’s daughter Kazilia go to school either, nor had they seen Josef playing outside.

The mailman and the neighbors became suspicious and reported it to the police.
Inspector George of the Munich Police Department arrived at the scene with his team. They discovered the bodies of Andreas, his wife Kazila, their daughter Victoria, and Victoria’s daughter Kazilia in the barn adjacent to the house. The police suspect the new maid of the crime, but as soon as Inspector George and his team enter the house, they were hit by a foul odor. They discovered the lifeless body of the maid in her room. The police were shock to find that the perpetrators had not spared the innocent child Josef, who was sleeping on his mother’s cot; they had also killed him.

The police sent the bodies for identification. During the investigation, it was reveal that Kazilia, Victoria’s daughter, was alive for a considerable period after the attack, as her hair had been pulled and torn from various places.

It appear that the assailant may have used a sharp tool and possibly a pickaxe, but the police did not find any weapons like a pickaxe or any sharp objects. Andreas had no close relatives and there was little movement in and out of their house and the police were searching for the motive behind the killings. It was a terrifying murder case in Germany, and the police were eager to reach the culprits as soon as possible. The police detained over 100 individuals for questioning but found no concrete evidence.
Initially, the police suspected robbery as the motive behind the murder.

It seemed that the culprit had been observing the routines of Andreas and his family for several days. Waiting for an opportunity to strike. However during the search of the house and the police found a significant amount of money. Untouched and ruling out robbery as the motive. The manner in which the murder were carry out suggest a personal vendetta against Andreas and his family.

There were also suspicions surrounding Victoria’s deceased husband, Carl Gabriel. As rumors of his death had been confirm but his body had never been found. Furthermore, some of Andreas’ neighbors claimed to have seen a shadow and smoke emanating from his house after his death. The police investigated these claims but found no concrete evidence.

What makes this case unique is that it remains open to this day, with periodic reinvestigations. Even today, many aspiring detectives among the students are fascinate by this case. Although finding evidence after such a long time is challenging, it continues to pique the curiosity of students.

Andreas’ farmhouse has now been turn into a memorial site.


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