Mysterious sea ship: Sailors on ships in the coastal waters of Africa pray to God not for fear of storms. But because when the weather turns bad, they witness the “Flying Dutchman,”. And sighting this ship is consider a cursed prophecy that foretells someone’s death. According to mythological folklore from the 17th century, the Flying Dutchman is a ghostly vessel that never reaches port. In these legends, it is describe as a ship. That emits a bright light and when this light is see by someone. They soon fall into eternal sleep, symbolizing death.
The origin of this story can be trace back to various authors who have mention the ghost ship. In their books. The old known account is from a book written by John MacDonald in 1790, where he writes that sailors report witness the Flying Dutchman during stormy weather. The story goes that when no pilot was available to guide the ship to the harbor, the ship and its crew were lost at se. And since then, glimpse of it have see during bad weather.
Another edited version of the story is find in George Barrington’s “A Voyage to New South Wales” written in 1795, where he states, “I have never believed in such superstitions, but according to received information, a few years ago, a Dutchman disappeared in the sea along with his ship, and none of them survived. Soon after, his wife also died in her grief, and sailors passing through that area claim to have seen someone in the sea during stormy weather. Whether this is true or just the imagination of sailor, it is not known, but this news spread like wildfire, and now every passing sailor claims to have seen someone at night or in fog, and as soon as they catch a glimpse of it, they disappear the next moment.”

Interview: King George V Claims to Have Seen This Ghost Ship with His Brother and Others
At 4 o’clock In the morning, On July 11, 1880. I, along with my brother and the captain, saw the Flying Dutchman in a bright red light. When the ghostly ship was search for, there was no in the sea trace of it. However, at the same spot, 13 people witnessed the same ghost ship at 10:45 am.
Misconception (Mirage): Some sailors on a ship observed an inverted reflection of a maritime vessel in the sky. At a certain distance, which frightened them. One of them claimed that the Flying Dutchman is an ill omen. And now no one aboard will reach their destination. However, the captain, who did not believe in such things, explained that it was an optical illusion cause by fog. When they safely reached the shore, they trusted the captain’s explanation and decided not to believe in such superstitions((Mysterious sea ship).
Regardless of the truth, the image of the Flying Dutchman has been use effectively in television and films:

  • In the program “Soul Eater,” the Flying Dutchman is depict as the spirit of a ghostly ship.
  • In the Spider-Man cartoon, the Flying Dutchman is portray as a super villain who and when defeat by Spider-Man, free the villagers from his tyranny.
  • In the show “Supernatural,” the Flying Dutchman is present as a ghost character.In addition to television, this image has also been extensive use in films:
  • The film “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” (1951) draws inspiration from this maritime legend. The protagonist is the Flying Dutchman, who mistakenly believes his wife to be unfaithful and kills her. Resulting in a curse of wandering the seas. However, see his noble actions, he is grant release every seven years for six months to find his true love.
    Furthermore, in the “Age of Empires” computer game. The Flying Dutchman is a cheat code that represents a ship capable of sailing on both land and water.


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