mystery ranch: There was a girl named Roshni who lived in the city. During her college vacations, she would visit her grandmother’s house, which was situated in the hills, far away from the city. Roshni enjoyed wandering around during the daytime, exploring the surroundings.

Roshni’s Mysterious Night:

One night, after having dinner, Roshni went to bed. However, she couldn’t fall asleep. She felt thirsty and looked around in all directions. When she glanced towards the kitchen, she saw a flickering lamp, which seemed to be floating in the air. The lamp was lit and emitting light all around the kitchen. Roshni was perplexed as the entire kitchen appeared to be deserted. After a while, the lamp disappeared from the window.

Feeling scared, Roshni covered herself with a blanket and started chanting the name of God. The night was chilly, and she was sweating despite the cold. She didn’t feel like drinking water and quickly fell asleep while wrapped in her blanket.

The next day, when Roshni wakes up in the morning, she doesn’t tell anyone about what happened the previous night. Another day passes, and Roshni goes out with her friend to wander around. They spend a lot of time exploring and soon, it’s nighttime, and darkness surrounds them.


As they walk along the path, Roshni sees a flickering light again. She whispers to her friend, “Look, there’s a flickering lamp.” Her friend smiles and says, “Oh, that must be fireflies (glowworms) that twinkle in the darkness of the night.” Roshni replies, “I have never seen them before; that’s why I mistook them for a flickering lamp.”

The Man’s Jungle Adventure:

One day, a man set out to find firewood in the jungle, but he couldn’t find the right kind of straight wood. So, he ventured deeper into the jungle, and soon, he lost his way.

As night approached, the man started searching for shelter. While walking, he spotted a small hut. An old woman lived in that hut. The man went near the hut and called out for help. The old woman immediately opened the door.

“It is getting dark, and I am being lost.” Could you please allow me to stay in this hut tonight?”

The old woman invited the man into the hut. The man asked for some food to eat. The old woman promptly went to another room and put on a ring. As soon as she wore the ring, she disappeared.

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The Witch’s Disappearing Act:

Having seen everything, the man decided to follow her into the other room. Once he wore the ring, he also vanished. To his surprise, he found himself transformed into a woman. The old woman, who was actually a witch, told him to leave, but the man insisted on tasting all the dishes she had prepared.

Reluctantly, the witch put on the ring again and disappeared, leaving the man-now-woman to savor all the dishes. After enjoying the food, the man-turned-woman eventually fell asleep.

After a while, the palace guards captured the man, and the king sentenced him to death by hanging. The soldier who caught him asked if he had any last wish. The man replied, “Give me two minutes to open my hand. I need my ring.”

The Ring’s Secret:

The king, with a smile, said to the soldier, “Let him open his hand.” The man took out a ring from his pocket, wore it, and immediately disappeared from there. At that moment, the man came to know the secret of the ring.


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