office sex: In this Ace Dildo Sex story, I got revenge on one of my new interns by stuffing a dildo up their ass because she called me a bitch. He had come to know that I enjoy sex in the office.

My Introduction:

Friends! My name is Simran.

I get a lot of excitement in office sex and getting fucked in the office.

Today I will tell you an incident of hot sex in the office.

I hope you enjoy this ace dildo sex story as much as I did.

Those days I used to be very busy in the office.

Obviously I had to get a chance to ‘do something’ in the office.

It so happened that two people in my office, who were my colleagues but not very close, were furious due to overwork.

I knew how to handle work pressure very well.

So I thought why not take some of the stress off these poor fellows by giving them a short adventure break!

You must have understood which brake I am talking about!

When I told him about this idea, he was thinking of using me as a sex worker, hungry for lust.

Then I told him about the real deal, hearing which one took a step back, in fact he left the job later.

But I needed two men for this fun.

Then I thought that I try to work with what I have.

Break time:

So both of us now used to look for a chance to get a place inside the bathroom during meeting and break time.

I started having fun with that colleague as soon as I got a chance.

You must be thinking that he must have fucked my pussy.

But something else happened.

That boy had a lot of fun with me.

Then we went back to work and started looking at new places again.

One day after finishing my fast BDSM sex session in the office washroom, I was fixing my dress and reapplying my makeup.

My partner quickly left that ladies toilet.

But then Rishima comes there threatening.


Rishima was a trainee. Like everyone else, she used to do all those boring jobs in the hope that one day she would get a job. (Which is not always true).

She was one of those who believed only what she saw with her own eyes.

He saw me there in the washroom fixing my dress.

At that time I was rolling up my skirt and my panty was showing.

I also understand why she ran away in a hurry… because she had seen something that was very strange to her.

I was still wearing the strap cock and his bulge was showing like tentacles in my panties which Rishima saw.

My voice also became a bit heavy due to the sighs from above.

Also my shoulders started looking like men due to exercise of sex.

This was my first encounter with Rishima and she had already formed her first impression about me.

After that day whenever our eyes met, I could see in her eyes that she understood me to be a transgender person.

Till now it was not making any difference to me, except for one day.

After the days:

One day during lunch time I was looking for my friend.

When I tried to call him, he was out of reach.

I set out to find her.

In the meeting room, I saw a shadow of a body similar to his.

I opened the door thinking that she must be talking with her partner.

But here was Rishima who was talking to her boyfriend on the phone.

I wanted to leave from there but after listening to the things she was saying, I could not leave.

Rishima- Isn’t it funny? None of these idiots will check these (accounts). I know I want this post, but they are not going to give it to me just like that and can do better than that derogatory, haha, I don’t know if they even know about it or not!

Then, I closed the door and walked towards Rishima with heavy footsteps.

She turned to look at me and was shocked.

His face turned white.

I caught her and pressed her against the glass wall and scolded her in my hoarse voice – what did you think, I won’t be able to find you bitch!

I had no idea how she was doing.

But she was sure that I knew how she was doing.

I continued scolding her in the same loud voice – and what were you bitch saying… speak up! Never mind, I’ll show you who the real bitch is here.

I took her outside the meeting room to the ladies washroom.

Rishima was scared that I might be taking her to her manager.

But actually now she was going to know everything about me very well.

When I took her to the washroom, she was confused.

Rishima- Sorry ma’am, umm… Mr. Simran, please forgive me. I will not do this again. I will settle the accounts today itself.

Me- I don’t care what you do, or want to do, in the office. But tell me who were you calling ‘bitch’ while talking on the phone.

Rishima- Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have done that.

Me- Ok, now do as I say.

Once Rishima hesitated but then she agreed.

Me- I want you to sit on my lap and dance. Take off your clothes and rub your ass on my cock. And of course, you shouldn’t open your eyes until we go out to the restroom.

I was wearing a strap-on cock for my office partner, who I fucked right here in the bathroom after lunch.

But now I wanted to have some fun with Rishima.

My partner was having trouble taking a normal dildo in the ass, so I brought him a rubber cock that felt as soft as a real cock.

But now it was going to be useful for Rishima.

And for the sex prank, it was necessary for Rishima to keep her eyes closed because Rishima was still thinking that I am a transgender person and I have a penis in front of me like a man.

I sat on the commode and turned the cock upwards.

Rishima removed her dress and without any protest came in bra-panty.

She was wearing a thong which was very tight around her ass.

I slapped her ass and asked her to sit on my lap and start the dance.

Rishima stood straight.

I slapped her ass again and told her – If you had to do all this in front of a big crowd then it would have been more difficult. No one is here, so don’t think, do as you are told. He also felt that it is easy to do it here alone.

She opened her clits with both hands and started shaking her ass.

Then she brought her bum near my face.

I slapped him to remind him that his place was in my lap.

Then she put her ass straight on that rubber cock.

Since it was a straight stem, it went into her ass without any lubrication.

When Rishima’s sob came out, she immediately put her hand on her mouth.

He continued to shake the ass.

I thought maybe she has realized that what she is sitting on is not a real cock.

She tried to touch the cock but I didn’t let her do that.

Me- I will give my cock in your mouth later. Now you just enjoy it completely.

She was dancing just like a strip dancer.

Cock started vibrating immediately.

I didn’t set it for Rishima, hence the mess.

Now I had to do everything quickly, before Rishima came to know the truth about Lund.

When the dildo vibrated at the maximum level, Rishima got up from it.

But I turned it the other way.

Me- Now take my cock in your mouth. Suck it like your life now depends on it.

Rishima started taking that dildo in her mouth while sitting on the commode.

She wanted to hold it with her hands while sucking but I held her hands and placed them on my nipples.

Without putting his hand, he was not going to know that it was a fake cock.

Me- keep your mouth busy. I’ll give you cock to play with later. Take it along if you like!

Saying this I laughed.

Rishima was sucking my strapon cock with lustful expressions.

I was hiding my laughter by pressing my mouth.

Seeing him being fooled, I had to hold back my laughter somehow.

Now lunchtime was about to end and I had to leave.

Me- Now I am going to drop the goods in your mouth. Get up off the commode and get down on your knees on the floor.

Rishima quickly got up and knelt on the floor.

She was still looking thirsty to suck cock and was making sounds of salp-salap….

I asked her to stop sucking and put the cock in her mouth.

Me- Now think and tell me whose penis is better, mine or your boyfriend’s?

Saying this I untied the strapon and sat down on the commode to pee.

Rishima still had that cock in her mouth and she was bent over with that fake cock in her mouth.

The sound of cc… of my urine started happening in the commode.

Hearing this, Rishima suspects that something is wrong.

Now I too could not stop laughing and started laughing out loud.

I took out my phone and pointed the camera at him.

Rishima opened her eyes and found that she was holding a fake cock in her mouth.

Cock immediately fell from his mouth which stopped near my feet.

He spit on it.

Me- will you treat my cock like this?

Rishima came forward again to pick up the dildo.

I felt mischievous seeing the shape of her tight ass.

I slapped her and till she picked up the dildo, I kept on squeezing her ass.

She had to struggle a lot to lift that dildo from her lips.

After rubbing her lips on the floor for a long time, the dildo finally came in her mouth.

I extended my hand so that he dropped it from his mouth into my palm.

Rishima smiled and looking like a loyal bitch she handed the dildo to me.

Me- very good! Now you must have come to know who the bitch really is.

And I smiled.

So friends, this was my ace dildo sex story.

Hope your cocks must have stood up after reading this.

But trust me, I can do much more than this.

You come and chat with me.

Or other than me there are other hot Indian girls who can drive you to exasperate by getting naked on camera.


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