Real horror short story: In the vicinity of Raypur, near Nanded village in Maharashtra state, there is believed to be a dwelling place of bloodthirsty witches even today. Local people believe that these witches first enchant those who pass through the area at night and later consume their blood to make themselves immortal. It is considered dangerous for anyone to set foot in this area. If you don’t believe it, you can go there and personally witness by marking a cross on any tree. However, you might encounter grave consequences, including the possibility of death. Even if you consider this to be superstition or disbelief, this haunted village follows this tradition.

Haunted village

This haunted village is considered cursed, with the entire region now inhabited by witches. It is believed that there used to be one witch residing here initially, but she enslaved the souls of some girls from the village and kept them with her. Today, those same girls join forces with the witches in an attempt to achieve immortality. This place in the village is where men are prohibited from venturing out at night, as nobody knows when and where the witches will enchant them. So far, there have been 42 reported cases, out of which men have gone missing.

However, their whereabouts are still unknown, and it is presumed that the witches must have killed them. Cutting down trees in Raypur is also strictly prohibited because it is said that the witches reside in the trees. Once, when a tree was cut, a villager died, leading to the belief that his death was caused by cutting down the witch’s tree.


Inside a dilapidated mansion in Raypur, there is a small dark room where nobody goes. It is believed that whoever enters that dark room never returns. The administration has sealed this haunted room as evidence of the death of 16 people. Many sorcerers have put all their powers into enchanting the witches here. However, during this process, 5-6 sorcerers themselves died, causing the remaining sorcerers to be scared of enchanting the witches here. It is said that no one ventures out during the nights. the new moon and full moon in the village. Although this is an old belief.

Revenge of Witch

Now, people lock their homes tightly and stay indoors. Some villagers have experienced strange sounds while walking on the roads, but nothing happens when they turn back. A person named Ranjit from the village even gave a lift to a witch on his bike. After deciding on a long route, he realized that someone was sitting behind him. when he turned back, nobody was there. The people of Raypur believe that many years ago, some villagers committed rape with a beautiful woman. They kept her captive and later brutally murdered her. Since then, that same woman has become a witch and seeks revenge in this area.

Real horror short story:


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