Romantic short story: Love doesn’t necessarily happen from both sides. One-sided love stories are prevalent all around the world. We have brought a sad love story for you, which also delivers a significant message to those in love. Rahul, a final year student, was deeply in love with his classmate Jiya. Even though he reached the final year, Rahul hadn’t been able to express his love to Jiya yet.

Due to being classmates, Rahul and Jiya did have conversations, but only out of necessity. Rahul was a very introverted guy. He had very few friends even in college. What Rahul felt for Jiya was only known to his friend Shyam, who was the only one in the entire college who knew about it. Shyam often asked Rahul why he didn’t confess his feelings to Jiya. During the last few days of college, Shyam told Rahul, “Rahul, soon our college will be over, and if you don’t tell Jiya about your feelings now, you’ll never be able to do it.” After hearing Shyam’s words, Rahul started contemplating about it.

One day, Rahul gathered his courage and approached Jiya, saying, “Jiya, I want to tell you something.”

Jiya: Yes, Rahul, go ahead.

Rahul (speaking in a hesitant and low voice): Jiya, I love you very much.

Jiya: What?

Rahul (with a bit more confidence): Yes, Jiya, I love you a lot. But for quite some time, I couldn’t gather the courage to say it to you. Since the day I saw you and got to know you, you have become my world.

Jiya: Are you out of your mind, Rahul? Are you in your senses? What are you saying?

Rahul (with complete confidence): Yes, Jiya, I am confessing my feelings to you that I love you very much.

Jiya (angrily): But I don’t love you. I thought you were straightforward, but you…

Upon hearing Jiya’s words, tears welled up in Rahul’s eyes, and he walked away from there. A few days after college ended, Jiya went away to pursue further studies. However, Rahul starts staying sad, always thinking about Jiya.24/7, Rahul keeps remembering Jiya. Her smile, her walk, her mannerisms, and her rejection. In front of the world, Rahul can only show his fake smile now. Remembering Jiya day after day, Rahul’s condition keeps deteriorating. Then one day, when Rahul’s friend Shyam learns that Rahul has made himself miserable in Jiya’s memory, he goes to Rahul and asks, “When Jiya doesn’t love you and she has gone far away, why have you let yourself become like this because of her?”

“Why do you still keep her in your heart? You will find someone else too.”

Rahul replies, “Shyam, anyone can love and attain it, but loving and losing is true love. I love Jiya very much, and I will continue to love her, whether she is with me or not(Romantic short story).”


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