Friends, today we bring you a Romantic story.. We hope you will enjoy this real romantic love story.

This love story is about a boy named Abhishek, who was waiting for his train at Mumbai railway station to go home. So let’s find out how Abhishek’s love story began.

Friends, today we bring you a Romantic story. We hope you will enjoy this real romantic love story.

This love story begins with Abhishek, who was waiting for his train at the Mumbai railway station to attend his sister’s wedding in Howrah. Just then, a girl approached him and asked, “What time will the train to Howrah from Mumbai arrive?”

Abhishek replied, “It will arrive at 8 pm.”

The girl then sat on the same platform, waiting for the train’s arrival. As the clock struck 8 pm, they were surprised to find that the train hadn’t arrived yet. Concerned, Abhishek went to the counter to inquire about the delay. He was informed that due to dense fog, the train would be a little late.

Now, Abhishek went back to the girl and informed her about the delay. She mentioned that she needed to go to Bardwan. Abhishek revealed that he was also going to Kolkata for his sister’s wedding.

They both started waiting for the train together. It was December, and the cold was quite intense. Abhishek noticed that the girl was shivering. So, he bought two cups of tea and offered her one, saying, “It’s quite chilly. Would you like to have some tea?”

The girl gratefully accepted the tea, saying, “Thank you!”

As they sipped tea together, Abhishek introduced himself, “My name is Abhishek. By the way, what’s your name?”

The girl replied, “My name is Anjali.”

As the night advanced to 11 o’clock, the train still hadn’t arrived. Abhishek suggested to Anjali, “Let’s go to the waiting hall and sit there; it’s quite cold out here.” Both of them went to the waiting hall and settled down.

After a while, Anjali fell asleep. Abhishek found himself unable to take his eyes off her. He was captivated by Anjali’s rose-petal-like lips and her innocent face. A strange feeling started to stir in Abhishek’s heart. He composed himself and looked away from Anjali.

Finally, at 2 o’clock in the morning, the train arrived at the platform. Abhishek promptly woke up Anjali, and they both boarded the train and found their seats. Anjali asked Abhishek, “What do you do in Mumbai?”

Abhishek replied, “I work as a sales executive in a company. And what about you?”

Anjali said, “I am currently studying hotel management in Mumbai.”

They began conversing and as they spoke, Anjali asked Abhishek, “Are you married?”

Abhishek smiled and said, “No, I am not married yet.”

Anjali: Do you have a girlfriend?

Abhishek: No, I don’t have a girlfriend, and I haven’t even met a girl like you.

Anjali: What kind of girl do you want? Tell us a bit about your preferences.

Abhishek: Exactly someone like you.

Anjali: Why someone like me?

Abhishek: You are very sweet and innocent, and I love the way you talk.

Anjali: Well, that’s nice to hear. Let’s find an innocent girl for you. Please give me your phone number so that we can stay in touch after we meet her.

Abhishek quickly gives his phone number to Anjali.

After a while, Anjali falls asleep, but Abhishek can’t seem to fall asleep at all. He keeps gazing at Anjali, as if a blossoming flower of love is growing in his heart. Abhishek cherishes that moment, capturing it in his eyes. He wonders if he will ever meet Anjali again or not.

And so, dear friends, as the night progresses, Abhishek’s heart remains filled with the memory of Anjali. He wonders whether fate will ever bring them together again or not.

Now it was morning, and the train was about to reach Bardwan station. Anjali said to Abhishek, “My destination has arrived, now I must leave.” Abhishek felt a little sad, as if someone dear to him was parting ways. The train halted at Vrindavan station, and with a smile, Anjali bid farewell to Abhishek. Abhishek looked back at Anjali from the train window, and Anjali also turned to give him one last glance. There were feelings stirring in her heart for Abhishek too. The train started moving again, but Abhishek couldn’t forget Anjali. Even after a while, he was still thinking about her.

After some time, Abhishek received a message on his phone which read, “We found a girl for you, her name is Anjali, and this is her phone number.”

Without delay, Abhishek called the provided number, and Anjali answered the call.

Anjali: “So, how did you find the girl?”

Abhishek: “She is wonderful, I really liked her.”

Anjali: “Do you want to marry her?”Abhishek: “Yes, I would definitely want to.”

Anjali: “Then come to Vrindavan.”

It seemed as if there was no limit to Abhishek’s happiness. He had found the queen of his dreams, Anjali. Abhishek kept talking to Anjali until he reached home. He couldn’t stop thinking about the girl who had become so special to him.


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