Secret of cave: There is a popular legend in the village of Ramgarh. From 12 o’clock noon until midnight, strange and mysterious voice emerge from a cave locate in the middle of the village. These voices are filled with so much pain that merely listening to them intensifies the heartbeat. Every person who passes by the cave can hear their own name echoing from within.
For the past 37 years, terrifying voices and dangerous activities have been occurring inside the cave. Since the cave is situated in the midst of the village, it becomes necessary for the villagers to eliminate the fear associated with it. This fear can only be eradicated when the horrifying voices and attraction from inside cease to exist.
In the year 2013, two paranormal investigators, Raju and Anmol, were called upon to unravel the mystery of this cave(Secret of cave). As they approach the cave, a man from the village named Gopal approaches them and says…
Gopal: Sir, please abandon your insistence on entering inside. You are still saying that the truth of this cave is very dangerous.

Raju: Oh Gopal, this is our duty. Our department has given us a task, and we must complete it.
Saying this, both of them proceed towards the cave, and around 5 o’clock in the evening, the two paranormal specialists secretly enter the haunted cave. As Raju and Anmol step inside, eerie voices with their names start echoing in the cave. (Laughing… Leave this place now, or you will die. Both of you, escape from this world of pain, or else your death is scheduled for tonight at 12 o’clock.)
Anmol: Raju, buddy, this cave is so strange. We have never handled a case like this before, where a lifeless cave threatens us.
Raju: Haunted places are always strange and dangerous. Stop overthinking and collect pictures with the help of the torch.
Anmol, while collecting pictures from every direction inside the cave, starts hearing the sound of heavy footsteps. The sound was coming from right beside him. Following the footsteps, Anmol reaches the end of the cave.
He notices a door at the end of the cave, on which it was written, “Door to the Other World.” Anmol was silently pondering whether this door leads to another world when suddenly he hears a voice from the other side of the door, saying, “Anmol, my child, come to me, my grandson.”
Anmol: Oh my goodness! What kind of door is this? Is it really a door to another world? Then he hears his grandfather’s voice from beyond the door, saying, “Anmol, come to me, my child.”
Anmol could hear his grandfather’s voice coming from behind the door and he felt happy and emotional upon hearing it. Lost in this emotion, he was about to make a mistake. He was about to reach out to open the door when suddenly Raju’s scream echoed throughout the cave. Startled by Raju’s scream, Anmol quickly ran back. When Anmol reached Raju, he was standing there completely normal, as if nothing had happened.
Anmol: Raju, what kind of dirty joke is this? Why did you scream just now?
Raju smirked and remained silent. After that, Anmol gestured Raju to move towards the door. Both of them reached the end of the cave where the door led to the path of the other world.
Anmol: Raju, look! I just heard my grandfather’s voice from behind this door a while ago. I think there is a world of deceased people behind it.
Raju: Then open the door and see for yourself.
Anmol: You’re right. I’ll open the door.
Just as Anmol was about to open the door, he noticed something about Raju’s appearance.
Anmol: Dude, when you came into this cave, you were wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, and now you’re wearing black jeans and a red shirt. When did you change your clothes?
Suddenly, Raju’s teeth start protruding outwards. He grows taller, his nails become longer, and he transforms into a full-fledged devil. With an eerie laughter, he speaks in a deep voice.
Devil: I sent your Raju to the other side of this door just 10 minutes ago when you heard his scream.
Anmol, trembling, asks, “Does that mean you killed Raju?”

Devil: If you have the guts, went to the other side of this door. Your friend will be awaiting your arrival in the same realm from which you originate. In that realm, individuals exist prior to their demise, while you are about to embark upon a world where existence continues after death. Welcome to the realm of death.
After that, Anmol tries to run, but there was a demon standing in front of him. The only way out was the door. He thought that the door would lead outside the cave. In order to save his own life, Anmol opens the door, revealing complete darkness inside. Cries and screams start coming from inside the door.
Before closing the previous door, a long arm emerges from inside the door and pulls Anmol towards the other world. Anmol lets out a loud scream, and the devil starts laughing loudly.
Over the years(Secret of cave), numerous individuals have attempted to enter the cave and discover its enigma, yet none have succeeded in deciphering the cave’s secret.


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