Seroquel horror stories: In my village, there is an old dilapidated mansion that has been abandon for about 65 years! This information was share with me by my friends from the village.

When I learned about this, I became curious to see the mansion for myself. I find visiting such places and learning about their history very intriguing. So, one day, I make a plan with my friends to visit the mansion. We reach the location of the haunted mansion, and there was no sign of anyone around for miles.

When I ask my friends why nobody lives nearby or even pass through this area, they informed me that the mansion is not just old and abandoned; it is haunted and cursed. They believe that it is under the influence of a ghostly curse, which is why people avoid coming anywhere near it.

Note: Haunting or ghostly occurrences are often based on folklore, legends, and local beliefs. While some people may genuinely believe in such stories, it is essential to approach them with an open mind and respect for local cultures and traditions. The existence of paranormal phenomena remains a matter of personal belief.


I said, “How can you be so sure about this? My friends claim that the whole village believes in it, and there’s a very old and true story associated with it.”

My curiosity grew, and I wanted to know more about the story behind it. One of my friends started to narrate: About 65 years ago, the owner of this mansion was a wealthy landlord. He had a beautiful wife named Sulekha.

During that time, people were also afraid of dacoits (robbers). The fear of dacoits’ raids haunted every village. Wherever their gang intruded, they left the village completely devastated.

What happened to the landlord?

Once, the leader of the dacoits set his sights on the landlord’s wealth and property, and he decided to raid the landlord’s mansion. All the dacoits agreed to the plan.

Then, one day, they executed something the landlord had never imagined. The dacoits attacked the mansion at night and engaged in a fierce battle with the few guards and servants the landlord had hired for his protection. However, the dacoits outnumbered them and had superior weapons, leading to the swift defeat of the landlord’s guards and servants.

Seeing this, the landlord thought of a plan. Before the dacoits could break down the door to the mansion, he decided to hide his wife and treasure. He concealed the treasure in a secret chamber within the mansion and hid his wife in another secluded room. He then locked the rooms from the outside.

After a short while, the dacoits forcefully entered the mansion. The landlord, who was now desperate to safeguard his wife and the treasure, wished he could enter the dacoits’ mansion before they reached his hidden chambers. He decided to secretly sneak into the dacoits’ mansion.

He managed to find his way inside and observed that the dacoits’ main door was broken. At that moment, he hid within the mansion and saw the dacoits enter the premises. In the ensuing confrontation, the dacoits killed the landlord, seizing his life and everything he possessed.

As the landlord was dying, he didn’t reveal the whereabouts of his treasure to the dacoits. Despite their thorough search, the dacoits couldn’t find the hidden treasure. Frustrated, they took whatever valuable items they could find in the mansion and left.

Now, let’s see what happened to the landlord’s wife.

The landlord’s wife, who was locked inside the secret chamber, was unknown to anyone. She screamed for help, tried to call people, and attempted to break open the door, but all in vain. Eventually, she succumbed to hunger and thirst and passed away inside the locked room.

After her death, people sensed a foul smell coming from the mansion and went to investigate. They broke open the locked chamber and found her lifeless body. They performed her last rites and cremated her.

It is told that even today, she waits in that chamber, longing for her husband to come and set her free. People believe that someday her husband will return to release her from that room.

Furthermore, it is believe that even now, she punishes intruders and those who enter the mansion without permission.

The mansion is still believe to be curse.

When I heard this story from my friends, I couldn’t believe them. I asked them if they were still stuck on some old tale. Did they have any evidence to support their claims? They replied that some people had made the mistake of going into the mansion and staying there, and they couldn’t forget the horrors they experienced to this day.

I inquired about what had happened to those people inside the mansion. My friends then told me that once an escaped criminal sought refuge in the mansion after breaking out of jail. Nobody know what happen to him inside the mansion, but the next day, his dead body was find there.

I suggested that such incidents might be mere accidents, but they recounted another incident to me. Once, a caretaker stayed in the mansion for a night and came out alive the next morning. However, he lost his mental balance and has been wild ever since.

After hearing all these stories, I lost the courage to venture inside the mansion. So, we all decided to leave and never returned to see the mansion again.


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