Short love story: Love is a gift that makes life beautiful. After falling in love, a different feeling arises. At that time, we forget everything and keep thinking about that person. I am going to tell you a touching love story: Once upon a time, a boy and a girl became friends on Facebook. The special thing about this friendship was that the girl had seen the boy, but the boy had never seen the girl. They both lived in the same city but had never met in person; their friendship was only online. Gradually, they fell in love with each other, as it happens in friendships between a boy and a girl. They loved each other deeply and would chat for hours every day.

Then they thought that this love should have a face, so they decided to meet. They planned to meet at the park at 4 p.m. the next day. The boy asked, “How will I recognize you?” The girl replied, “I will come in a pink dress and hold a white rose in my hand.” The next evening, the boy happily went to meet the girl. But when he arrived, he was shocked. There was a fat, ugly woman standing there in a pink dress, holding a white rose. She was much older than the boy, but the boy remembered all the loving conversations and approached her, saying, “I love you.”

And I am your friend whom you have come here to meet. Upon hearing this, the girl smiled and said, “I am not the one you have come to meet. Your girlfriend is standing under that tree.” The woman called out to the girl. As soon as the girl arrived, she asked, “If the one you love had been this woman instead of me, would you still love her as much?” The girl replied, “Yes, this boy saw that he truly loves you; otherwise, upon seeing me, he could have gone back. Because I didn’t even recognize him.” The boy also said, “I have loved you, adorned you in my dreams. I have felt every moment of your sweet words and cherished its fragrance in my heart.”

I feel… and amidst all this, there was no picture of you and I just wanted the world to know that I have loved you, and I still do, no matter what. The girl, upon hearing this, embraced the boy tightly. Tears were flowing from her eyes because she had found a true lover and companion.

Friends, love is blind. To love, one doesn’t need a clear-minded person but a pure heart. If you liked this story, do share it with your friends. People say that love is the only thing that cannot be separated.

Loving is not easy only fortunate ones are those who find their true love. Otherwise, life only serves pain and nothing else. This is love.


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