Short story of belief: When Sage Matanga was about to leave for the divine realm, he entrusted Sabri to the ashram. However, Sabri stubbornly insisted on going with him. Sabri was only ten years old at that time. She held onto Sage Matanga’s hand and started crying.

Seeing Sabri cry, Sage Matanga became concerned and said, “My child, God will come to this ashram. Wait here with patience!” Unaware of the worldly knowledge, Sabri had complete faith that her Mentor’s words would come true.

She asked again, “When will they come? Sage Matanga was a seer of past, present, and future. He was a great sage. Sage Matanga kneeled before Sabri, paying her respects. All the surrounding sages became perplexed and drowned in confusion. How did this turn around? Shouldn’t the Mentor be the one to pay respects to the disciple? How did this happen? No one could speak before the brilliance of the sage.

Sage Matanga said, “My child, their birth has not occurred yet! Even King Dasharatha’s wedding has not taken place. His marriage will happen with Kaushalya, there will be a long wait for the arrival of God.”

Then the wait! Then their marriage will happen with Kaikayi! So, wait! Then they will be born! So, their marriage will happen with Mother Janaki! Then they will have 14 years of exile in the forest, and in the final year of exile, Mother Janaki will be abducted.

It is then that they will come here in search of her! You should tell them, “Form a friendship with Sugriva, free him from the torment of Bali, and your desired outcome will be achieved! And you will definitely achieve victory over Ravana!”

Sabri became completely engrossed in her duties for a moment! Unaware Sabri couldn’t even measure such a long period of waiting! She became restless and asked, “How will this long wait be fulfilled, Mentor?” Sage Matanga said, “They are divine beings, they will definitely come! This is a future certainty.” But if their desire arises, they can transcend the limits of time and come at any moment! But they will come for sure.” Beyond the cycle of birth and death, when the need arose, they even emerged from a pillar for Prahlada! That’s why you have to wait!

They can come at any time! The three aspects of time will remember me as your mentor! Perhaps this is the fruit of my penance. Sabri obeyed the mentor command and stayed in the ashram. She waited every day for Lord Sri Rama.

She knew that the wheel of time dances on her fingertip, and they can come at any moment. Every day she spread flowers on the path, waiting every moment. They can come at any time. Spreading flowers everywhere, waiting every moment.

Sabri grew old! But she continued to wait with the same unaware mind. And one day, the feet of Lord Sri Rama touched the flowers she had spread… Sabri’s throat choked, tears burst from her eyes. The mentor words came true!

The Lord came to her home! The fruit of Sabri’s patience was that the same Rama, who was never served leftovers by all three mothers, ate the remnants offered by Sabri. It is a wonderful and extremely beautiful incident that fills the heart with devotion.


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