Story will make you cry: One day, Aarohi was strolling in the park in the morning when she came across a crying little girl. Aarohi asked her the reason for crying, and the girl explained that the doll she was playing with had gone missing in the same park. She assured the girl that she would find her doll.

Aarohi asked for some time to search for the doll and promised to bring it back the next day. However, when she returned the next day, neither did she find the doll nor the little girl.

Aarohi wrote a fictional letter from the doll’s perspective and when the girl arrived at the park with hopes of finding her doll, Aarohi read the letter to her. The letter said, “Please don’t cry. I will keep writing to you about the doll from time to time. Just don’t cry.”

Now, Aarohi started writing fictional letters from the lost doll on a daily basis and would read them to the girl, which contained imaginative descriptions of their imaginary adventures. Aarohi’s intriguing and captivating descriptions prevented the girl from crying. She happily started sharing stories of her doll’s escapades.

Story will make you cry.: One day, when several stories had been shared, Aarohi brought another doll for the girl. Of course, it was a different doll. The girl perceived the new doll as a replacement for her lost doll and started looking at Aarohi. Curiosity sparked within Aarohi as she removed a hidden note stuck to the doll and began reading it. It said, “It’s me, your lost doll from the park. I have changed a little due to my long journey around the world.”

With the presence of this doll and the note, the girl regained her faith in both the doll and Aarohi. She took the doll and went home happily.

Years later, when the girl had grown up, one day she was searching for something in her wardrobe when her attention fell upon that very doll given to her by Aarohi. Remembering her childhood memories, she started laughing. She understood everything about how Aarohi had cared for her. Her love for that doll started rekindling. She began to observe it closely.

Suddenly, her gaze fell upon a small note hidden in the sleeve of the doll’s frock. With great curiosity, she took out the note and started reading it. The note said, “Everything you love will eventually be lost to you at some point, and what remains with you will be the truly genuine things. Their appearance may be imperfect, but the love will be pure.”


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