Tangled puzzle part 1: A naked and mutilated body of a girl was found under the trees. It was suspected that she had been murdered after being sexually assaulted. The papers found near the victim revealed her identity as Navya, an assistant bank manager. Her car was also discovered nearby. The police officers were diligently engaged in their work when Inspector Raghav arrived.

“Who was the first person to discover the body?” Raghav asked the constable.

“It was this tribal girl, sir,” the constable replied, pointing towards a slim girl, “She collects dry wood from here to cook food.”

“Hmm,” Raghav said, focusing his gaze on the girl and proceeded with the next question, “And what about the girl’s family?”

“Here they are, sir,” the constable moved his finger slightly away from the crime scene, pointing towards a group of people. Raghav approached them and asked one of them, “Are you related to the deceased?”

“I am her husband,” he replied, looking into emptiness.

“What’s your name?”

“Mukul(Tangled puzzle part 1: ).”

“And these people…” Raghav inquired about the others standing with him.

“This is my younger brother, Pratap, and these are my parents,” Mukul introduced them to Raghav. Raghav carefully observed Mukul’s face, which showed no signs of grief for his wife’s death. At that moment, some people arrived, crying. The police surrounded them and prevented them from entering the cordon.

“Sir, I am her father,” one of them managed to say somehow.

“We are here for some important work,” a constable sternly told them, “We will hand over the body to you shortly.”

By observing the condition of a woman, Raghav guessed that she must be the mother of the deceased. After conducting the post-mortem, he sent the body for further examination. The crowd began to disperse. In the evening, Raghav went to Mukul’s house for questioning and found him alone. He asked him, “How did you learn about your wife’s death, and where were you at the time?”

“A soldier called me about finding the body,” Mukul said, bowing his head, “I was here.”

“When did you last see her?” Raghav asked the next question.”When she left for the office this morning,” Mukul replied, taking a long breath, “We didn’t talk after that.”

“No further conversation?” Raghav inquired, “She didn’t prefer talking to you?”

“No, she had more contact with her officer friends,” Mukul said, with a sigh, “After joining the officer post, she had more interaction with her influential acquaintances.”

Raghav realized that ego clashes had strained their relationship. Mukul shared his family story, revealing that he ran a grocery store. Due to his lack of education, he never had the opportunity to prepare for a job, but after Navya’s graduation, she encouraged him to appear for exams.

The husband made efforts to bring color back into their lives, but Navya showed her own different colors. Navya also wanted to study, but the poor financial situation at home had stolen her dreams.

She happily accepted Mukul’s suggestion. Mukul not only took care of all her educational expenses but also provided all kinds of support, which had a positive outcome. Navya cleared the Bank PO exam with just a few attempts.

Tangled puzzle part 1:

Mukul wasn’t satisfy with his happiness, but his desires attract someone’s attention. Navya start having an affair with a young officer name Vimal. Her husband now felt like a fool and worthless. Arguments started in the house, but Mukul witnessed his defeat in divorcing her. So he continued to persuade her in various ways. Navya’s family members also got involve in the commotion. On one side, there was Mukul, a settled middle-class son-in-law, and on the other side, Vimal’s flamboyance.

Raghav left from there. The next day, after the post-mortem, Navya’s body was hand over to her parents. Mukesh had not claimed anything against her, nor did anyone from her family participate in the funeral. Navya’s parents continuously blamed Mukul for the murder.

But Raghav wanted to see the post-mortem report before taking any further action in this case. He asked everyone involved in the case not to leave the city and wait for the post-mortem report.

Soon, the report arrived as well. It confirmed the gang rape before death. But the surprising thing was that the cause of death was state to be an overdose of sleeping pills.

Raghav’s mind started spinning. Who were these new criminals who would go to the jungle, commit rape, and then administer sleeping pills and kill? If they wanted to kill, they could have strangled her or used a knife. Moreover, from the condition of the body, it was clear that the culprits had crossed all boundaries of brutality. And if Navya had committed killed himself due to the trauma of rape, how did sleeping pills come to her in that desolate area? Her bag was left in her car. Besides, no empty wrapper of any medicine or rapist was found there.


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