Tangled puzzle part 2: In the hustle and bustle, they reached Navya’s parents’ house. Navya’s parents started creating a commotion by taking Mukul’s name. Raghav tried to explain to them.
” Look, we will surely catch the malefactor, but haste can trap an innocent person, so cooperate with us.”
Upon hearing this, Navya’s father calmed down. He assured them of furnishing all kinds of support.
Raghav asked,” Was there any disagreement between Navya and someone differently besides Mukul?”
” No, Inspector Sahab,” replied Navya’s father.” She was musketeers with everyone, and everyone at the bank was happy with her too.”
” And what was her relationship with Vimal?” Raghav asked, precisely observing their expressions. They dithered a bit.
” Uh. well. she was musketeers with him too. Mukul used to unnecessarily misdoubt their relationship,” they said.
Raghav felt that it wasn’t the right time to ask further than that. He left from there. The coming many days passed with arbitrary inquiries then and there. He gathered information about Navya from her bank. They only participated general details and weren’t willing to say anything about Navya and Vimal’s relationship.
Raghav attained the CCTV footage of the evening when Navya left the bank. She was seen sitting alone in her auto. Raghav spoke to his other associates, but he could not meet Vimal because he’d been on leave since Navya’s death.
They traced his address and went to his house with their platoon, issuing a warning. Upon seeing them, he said,” Inspector Sahab, I’m deeply burdened by Navya’s demise. I feel devastated, please do not trouble me.”
What was the reality of Vimal?
” We’re also trying to palliate your grief, Vimal Babu,” Raghav said, removing his black spectacles.” Please cooperate with us; we want to seize the lawbreakers as soon as possible.”
” Ask whatever you want to know,” Vimal replied, reclining on the lounge. The question- and- answer session began. Vimal mentioned that he’d invited Navya to his house after office that day, but she refused, stewing it would escalate into an argument with her hubby. She left in her auto. The coming day, she informed him that she wouldn’t be coming to the office due to a family matter. Yes, Vimal also denied having any relationship with Navya beyond a close fellowship.
” Alright, Vimal Babu,” Raghav said, standing up.” Thankyou.However, we’ll reach out to you, If we need anything differently. Just do not leave the megacity.”
” Yes, clearly.”

Raghav’s jeep started moving from there. Until now, they had not set up any substantiation that could clear the picture in this case. They also tried to find out through their snitchers if any original gorilla had taken a contract for Navya’s murder. still, they could not find any similar information. Indeed the citation of any gang involved in such a contract wasn’t coming up.
In the evening, just as Raghav was about to leave to go home, a bobby
came and handed him an envelope, saying,” Sir, this just arrived by correspondence. But there is no name or address of the sender.”
Raghav opened the envelope. Outside, there was a CD and a letter. He started reading the letter. It said,” Inspector Sahab, the CCTV footage you saw in Navya’s bank was not complete. Vimal had formerly edited it. On the evening of Navya’s death, Vimal left with her in his auto. You’ll find substantiation of this fact on this CD.”

As Raghav read the letter, a spark burned in his eyes. He snappily fitted the CD into his laptop. Indeed, the videotape showed Vimal getting into Navya’s auto that evening. Raghav felt his work was progressing. He incontinently went to Vimal’s house with his officers. They saw that Vimal was packing to leave nearly. Raghav, in a police- suchlike tone, said to him,” Where are you going, Vimal Babu? Did not we tell you not to leave the megacity?”
Vimal came nervous upon seeing them and started stammering.
“I. I am not going anywhere, only I was just fixing my things.”
” You will not need to do that presently,” Raghav said again.” Come to the police station. That is where you will find all your things.”
Vimal was pulsing, trying to move them of his innocence, but the officers put him in the jeep. In the police cinch- up, Raghav’s pokes were forcing Vimal to scream. He ever managed to say,” Sir, I did not do anything. Yes, I did leave with her, but I got off the auto on the way, and she continued ahead.”
” Why did you hide this from me?” Raghav asked, slighting him doubly with force.
” I- I was spooked, joe, that my name would be spoiled ,” he replied in a pulsing voice.
Raghav transferred him for a sample test in the lab, where they could match his semen set up on Navya’s clothes and body. The report came back on the third day. It verified that Vimal’s semen matched with multiple samples set up on Navya.
Raghav severely killed Vimal. He asked him,” Tell me, why did you kill Navya?”
Vimal revealed a part of the verity, but it was deficient.
” I did not do anything, joe,” he cried loudly,” Yes, I had sexual relations with her in the auto, but I did not kill her. I left after having coitus in her auto.”
” Damn it!” Raghav’s wrathfulness was raising. He thundered,” Stop beating around the backcountry. As the secrets unfold, the colors keep changing. Do you suppose you can outwit me?”
He punched him again, but Vimal started losing knowledge. Raghav left him there and went outdoors.
” Do not open his mouth until he reveals the whole verity,” he ordered the bobby
while wearing his shirt. Navya’s parents were also present. Mukul, upon learning about Vimal, felt deep remorse for criminating him.
” Has he confessed to his crime, Inspector Sahab?” Navya’s father inquired.


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