The elephant and the clever rabbit: In a lush green timber, there was a group of mammoths living by the swash, led by their principal giant named Chaturdant. They had been living a peaceful life in that timber for times. still, a time of failure struck the timber. The swash dried up, the verdure faded, and the mammoths started dying of hunger and thirst.
Seeking a way out of this disaster, all the mammoths went to their leader Chaturdant and said,” Gajraj! It’s delicate to stay empty and thirsty in this time ofdrought.However, we will come victims of death, If we continue to stay then in this timber. Please find another place with water sources and verdure.”
Chaturdant came lost in study. After allowing for a while, he said,” There’s a pond not far from then that remains filled with water throughout the time. We should head there. hereafter morning, we will each set off towards that pond.” The coming day, all the mammoths embarked on a trip towards the pond. After five days and five nights, they reached their destination.
They were pleased to see the pond filled with water and spent the whole day playing there. As evening approached, they came out of the pond and returned to the timber. By the side of the pond, there was a colony of rabbits with numerous burrows. still, the mammoths were ignorant of this. Accordingly, as they tromped over the rabbit burrows, chaos replaced. numerous rabbits were injured, and some were indeed killed.
After the mammoths(The elephant and the clever rabbit) left, all the rabbits gathered together and bandied the matter concerning this disaster. One rabbit said,” The group of mammoths comes to the pond every day for water. In such a situation, it’ll come delicate for us to stay then. They will destroy our burrows along with us. None of us will survive, and our lineage will come to an end.”
also another rabbit said,” We’ve life, so we’ve everything. We must do whatever is possible to cover our lives. The circumstances mandate that we should leave this place incontinently and find another position.”
The rabbits were burdened by the study of leaving their motherland. Seeing their anguish, a rabbit named Lambakarna came forward and said,” We’ve been living on this land for times. Why should we leave our motherland? We’ve the right to this land. We should talk to the mammoths and help them from coming then.”

” But who’ll talk to them? Who’ll make them understand?” All the rabbits asked in accord.
” I’ll talk to them and discourage them from coming then,” said Lambakarn.
” But will they hear to you?”” They will surely hear, I’ve a plan. I’ll tell them that this pond belongs to the moon rabbit and he has interdicted you all from coming then. maybe, they will believe me,” Lambakarn said confidently.
The coming day, Lambakarn sat on a high hill along the path to the mammoths’ leader. When the group of mammoths passed by, he cleverly addressed their leader,” Gajaraj! Do not you know that this pond belongs to the moon rabbit? You shouldn’t use its water without his authorization.”
Chaturdant asked,” Who are you?”
” I’m the runner of the moon rabbit who resides in the moon. He has transferred me with his communication to meet you,” Lambakarn replied.
” What’s the communication?” Chaturdant asked again.” The communication is that this sacred pond is the residence of Lord Chandra( the moon god). thus, you can not use its water,” Lambakarn explained.
” How can I believe that this pond belongs to Lord Chandra? I’ll only believe it when you show me the sight of Lord Chandra in the pond and stop my group from coming then,” Chaturdant challenged.
” Come with me and substantiation(The elephant and the clever rabbit) it for yourself,” Lambakarn said, taking Chaturdant to the props of the pond.
At that moment, the pond was illuminated by the shadow of the moon. Lambakarn refocused towards the shadow and said,” Gajaraj! Look, there’s the reflection of the moon in the pond. Now, please believe me.”
Considering the shadow as Lord Chandra, Chaturdant bowed down to it and left the place. After that, the group of mammoths noway came to that pond again.


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