Unsolved secret: 22-year-old Lissane and 21-year-old Chris prepared their big bags and set off for trekking in the dense jungles of Panama. Ten days after entering the jungle. On April 1st, they made a call to the emergency center’s 911 number using an iPhone. And on the same day. They called the emergency center’s 112 number from a Samsung mobile phone. Both of these calls were made by Lissane and Chris.

They continuously call 911 and 112 for help for three days, but their voices couldn’t be heard clearly. Nonetheless, the emergency center informed the police. No report had been write about the disappearance of the two Dutch girls until then. The police found out that these girls were European and studied in Central America. Usually called their parents within a week or ten days. The parents of the girls were unaware that their daughters had ventured into the jungle for a trek. Worried and anxious, they visited the college when several days passed without any word from their daughters. Failing to find them there, they promptly reported their disappearance to the police. The investigation uncover that the girls’ phones had been turned off. Since April 3rd, and no further communication had been made from their devices.
When the rescue team receive the news that these calls were make from the jungles of Panama, the police focused their search on the jungles of Panama. The jungles of Panama are so dense that in many places, even sunlight doesn’t reach the ground. The police conducted an extensive search for the girls, but their location remained a mystery. Simultaneously, the parents of the girls were overcome with deep concern.

They had heard numerous accounts of individuals entering the jungles of Panama and never reemerging, with some remaining undiscovered even after their remains were not located. Nevertheless, the police persevered in their efforts, as their investigation represented the last glimmer of hope for the girls’ distraught parents. With over two months elapsed, the authorities faced a grim reality: the prospects of finding the missing girls were fading with each passing day.

The parents of the girls had also realized this. Nevertheless, they continued to request the police to keep the investigation going. Ten weeks after the girls went missing, in a certain area of the jungle, the police found a bag and some human bones at a distance. The police took all the belongings in their possession, sent the bones for a DNA test, and started examining the contents of the bag.

Inside the bag, the police found an iPhone and mobile phones from Samsung, which were the same phones use to make calls to 911 and 112 (emergency helpline). After investigation, it was discover that the phones were start and used to make calls for three days, after which they were turn off. They were start every day for the next four to five days, but no calls were make. The police believed that due to the phones being outside the network coverage area in the jungle, it was not possible for the calls to go through. Therefore, the girls must have been checking the network by starting the phones every day.

Apart from the phones, the bag contained $83, two pairs of glasses, some clothing items, and an insurance card with the name “Lisane” on it. So, where did Chris’s bag go? It was possible that both girls took the same bag, or Chris’s bag was stole. Anything could have happened. The police were paying attention to these details. Furthermore, they found a camera in the bag, which had around 90 photos on it. Both girls had taken these photos.

Three of the photos were black, and some photos included Chris and Lisane. The majority of the photos found were of trees and the jungle. The pictures appeared to be take by someone who wasn’t experience in photography. So, if someone had tampered with their belongings, how did the camera end up back in the bag? The police were considering these points. Meanwhile, the DNA report confirmed that the bones belonged to Chris and Lisane.
The police searched for the cause of their deaths for many days but could not find any solid evidence. The tracking expert suggest that the girls were not adequately prepare for tracking in dense jungles and both became victims of an accident. Based on the appearance of the Calabra River in the photo. The police believe that both girls may have gone to bathe in the river, and one of them may have slipped due to a foot injury.

In an attempt to save the injured girl(Unsolved secret). The other may have fallen into another river or been attack by a wild animal. Many locals believe that it could also be the work of a spirit. But the police do not believe in such claims. However, the police do not deny the possibility of their murder.


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