Vampire’s house part 2: Saying this, she came out of her room and reached the hallway. She couldn’t see anyone there when she heard a voice from behind.

Anita – What are you doing here, Divya? Do you need something?

Divya – Yes, ma’am. I was feeling thirsty.

Anita – Come with me, I’ll get you some water.

Saying this, Anita grabbed her hand and took her towards the kitchen. She was holding Divya’s hand tightly, and Divya started feeling pain as they reached the kitchen.

Divya said, “Ma’am, please let go of my hand. It’s hurting.” Upon hearing this, as Anita looked at Divya, Divya let out a scream from her mouth. Now Anita also turned pale and looked at Divya with a terrifying gaze, her eyes red and her teeth sharp.

Divya raised her hand and sank her teeth into her own wrist, sucking the blood. Divya screamed loudly, trying to free herself, but in vain. She looked grotesque, and Anita, with bloodshot eyes, stared at her in a terrifying manner, her teeth also sharp.

Divya lifted her hand and pressed her teeth against her own wrist, sucking the blood. Divya screamed loudly and tried to free herself, but she failed. She looked distorted, and Anita laughed loudly while staring at her with her red eyes and sharp teeth.

As soon as Anita released Divya, she fell to the ground. With a painful scream, Divya took her last breath, and then Anita burst into uncontrollable laughter. Rahul was still unaware, sitting in his room, and Shrishti arrived there.

Shrishti – They still don’t know where they are after an hour of waiting.Rahul – I was also waiting for Rounak’s call.

Then Mohit and Anita entered Rahul’s room and said, “No one will survive.” Seeing Mohit and Anita as monsters, Shrishti got scared and ran towards Rahul.

Both Shrishti and Rahul were terrified. Anita and Mohit attacked them. Mohit lunged at Rahul and threw him onto the bed, about to sink his teeth into Rahul’s neck, when Rahul’s hand collided with a knife kept near the pillow.

Mohit screamed and backed away, realizing that they were vampires, and vampires stay away from silver. Rahul quickly picked up the knife and pointed it towards Mohit.

Rahul looked and saw Anita hovering over Shrishti, about to sink her teeth into her. He rushed towards Anita’s room and stabbed her with the knife. She scream and fall to the ground, writhing in pain. The blood oozing from her body was blue.

Rahul quickly helped Shrishti stand up, and they both started running towards the exit. Mohit, enraged, chased after them. As they reached the main road, Mohit stood in front of them.

He said, “You have killed my Anita. Now, no one can save both of you.” Saying this, he twisted Rahul’s hand, causing the knife to slip away. Then, with a push, he pounced on Shrishti.

He clawed at Rahul’s face, injuring him, and was about to attack his neck when Shrishti grabbed the fallen knife and thrust it into Mohit’s neck.

Mohit let out a horrifying scream and collapsed on the ground. Slowly, a bluish poisonous blood flowed from Mohit’s body, and he also perished.

Rahul immediately grabbed Shrishti’s hand and said, “Let’s get out of here.” They both hurriedly left the place, filled with fear in their eyes and terror in their hearts. They ran far away, carrying the fear and dread in their minds throughout the night, and made a solemn oath never to commit theft again(Vampire’s house part 2).


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