Vampire’s house: Desolate road, 11 PM at night, chilly winds, and the sounds of animals from the jungle. In front of a magnificent mansion, Rounak, Rahul, Shristi, and Divya stood. Just then, Mohit and Anita came out of the house.

Mohit: Who are you guys?

Rounak: Sir, we were going to Noida, but our car broke down on the way. We tried to call for help, but there was no network on our mobile phones. So, we thought of seeking help from you.

Anita: No problem, kids. My phone is also dead, but you can stay here as long as you want. Come inside.

Upon hearing this, the four of them were delight and thanked them before entering the house. Inside, their eyes widened in surprise. The place was adorn with expensive decorations, making them tempted to steal something.

Anita: Sit down, children. You must be hungry. I’ll prepare food for everyone.

Mohit: Yes, please go ahead and prepare the food. I’ll talk to the kids in the meantime.

Saying this, Mohit sat at the dining table with the kids and started talking. Rounak noticed that Rahul had a knife tucked in his belt.

Rounak: Idiot, didn’t I tell you not to carry any weapons? What if these people suspect us of being thieves?

Rahul: You know, this silver knife is my lucky charm. I always keep it with me. These old folks won’t even notice.

“Food is ready, kids,” Anita said as she placed two plates on the table, uncovering them to reveal chicken. “Did you like the food or not?” Then Divya said, “Yes, ma’am, thank you so much.” Anita replied, “You’re welcome, enjoy your meal(Vampire’s house).” Saying this, she smiled mysteriously and added, “By eating this, your blood will become warm and sweet.”

Mohit – Kids, our house is very big and after so many days, we have a guest here. So we want all the rooms to be occupied. Whoever likes which room can comfortably stay in separate rooms.

Upon hearing this, all four of them became happy and were given separate rooms. They waited for an hour for a message. Exactly after an hour, Rounak came out of his room and went towards Mohit and Anita’s room. He gently opened the door and saw Mohit sleeping alone on the bed.

Rounak – It’s even better that they are sleeping in separate rooms.

Saying this, he cautiously entered the room and went towards the cupboard. The cupboard wasn’t opening, it seem to be lock. Then he noticed that there was a key near Mohit’s pillow.

He thought that the key belonged to that cupboard. As soon as he pick up the key, Mohit grab his hand, and Rounak get scared. Mohit, with a terrifying expression, opened his eyes and let out a scream from his mouth.

Mohit’s eyes had turned red and his two teeth had become large. Mohit stood up and Rounak screamed and ran towards the door, but before he could reach the door, Mohit grabbed him from behind. Mohit laughed menacingly and said, “Today, after so many days, I will get fresh blood to drink.” As he said this, Mohit placed his sharp teeth on Rounak’s neck and began to suck his blood.

In just a few minutes, he sucked all of Rounak’s blood and after trembling for a while, Rounak took his last breath. Then Mohit, laughing, said, “Welcome to the Vampire House.”

Divya – It seems Rounak wants to be a part of a surprise by hiding with all the belongings. It has been an hour, let me see where he is.

Vampire’s house:

To be continued in part 2…


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