Well of death part 2: The news reached the owner of the well, and he became furious with his employees. He said, “What nonsense is this? You people are spreading rumors of ghosts in the well. There is hustle and bustle all over the fair, and you have created the fear of ghosts here. It seems like you are not interested in working, you just want easy money. Now, prepare for the next show.”

But the next show remained completely empty because the rumor had spread that there was a ghost in the well. The owner’s anger reached its peak, and he vented his frustration on his staff.

That night, when the owner was in deep sleep, he heard the sound of a motorcycle being driven at high speed. It woke him up, and he became furious. When he reached the well, what he saw made him doubt his eyes. He saw a man continuously riding the motorcycle in the well, with his head down.The owner called him, but the motorcycle rider didn’t respond. Meanwhile, the sound was audible to the villagers nearby. Everyone was amazed at what kind of sound it was at such a late hour.

Despite the fear, some people gathered the courage and went to the fair along with the village head, Sarpanchji. Shyam Lal also joined them. When they arrived, they witnessed the same scene that the owner of the well had seen.

The man was still riding the motorcycle continuously when the same woman and child suddenly appeared there again(Well of death part 2). All the villagers were observing the woman and child attentively. Then, the man riding the bike started bleeding from his head, and his blood turned the entire wall of the well red.

After a while, the woman and child started crying in the same manner. Now the condition of all the villagers worsened. No one could understand who these people were. At that moment, the owner of the well shouted again, “Hey, can’t you hear me? Who are you? Why are you scaring these people? Why are you defaming my show?”

Upon hearing the owner’s words, the person riding the bike raised his head, and upon seeing him, the owner’s voice faltered, “You… Where did you come from, Vikram? You…”

Sarpanch: Who is this? Do you know him?

Then, the person riding the bike stopped his bike and said, “Why, owner, shall I tell them, or will you?”

Owner: What can I say? I don’t know anything…Then, Vikram began to explain…

Vikram: Villagers, this is a wicked man. He has no heart; he is an animal, a beast. My name is Vikram, and I used to work with him until last year. You know that driving a vehicle in the Well of Death is a job that puts your life at risk every day, just like embracing death. I used to ride my motorcycle every day, risking my life for my family and him. But perhaps that day was unfortunate for me. There was a fair in another village, and I was performing my act when a motorcycle accident occurred, and my head collided with the wall of the well. Blood was flowing continuously, and I lost consciousness, leading to my death.

After Vikram’s death, it became extremely difficult for his wife and little daughter to survive. They went to the owner one day, asking for some money, but he didn’t help them and chased them away.

Distressed, they wandered the streets hungry and thirsty for several days until hunger claimed their lives too.

Vikram: Villagers, you tell me, what was the fault of me and my family that we received such a punishment? We are artists; our livelihood depends on this. But if an accident happens tomorrow, the owner simply lets us die. We work our entire lives for your entertainment and happiness, but what do we get in return?

Upon hearing Vikram’s words, the villagers surrounded the owner, ready to kill him.

Owner: Wait… Wait, I made a mistake. Please spare me.

Sarpanch: We will let you go on one condition – you provide a guarantee for the well-performers here that if something happens to them, you won’t abandon their families. Nowadays, there’s insurance available, so why not get everyone insured?

The owner agreed to the Sarpanch’s request and ensured that all the performers were insured. Vikram couldn’t do anything for himself and his family while he was alive, but after his death, he secured the future of his fellow performers(Well of death part 2).


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