Well of death: This is a story about the village of Amarapur, where a grand fair was held as usual this year. The next day was the beginning of the fair. New rides, toys, sweet stalls, and street food vendors were all set up, but the villagers were focus on the game of the Well of Death.

The promoters of this game also left no stone unturned in their marketing efforts. Mohan, standing on a rickshaw with a microphone, announced, “He’s here… he’s here once again! The game that won everyone’s hearts has come back to your village. If you delay, there will be a problem, as all the tickets will be sold out.”

Every villager rushed to buy tickets and wanted to be the first to witness the show. The next day was the first show of the game, but an unusual incident occurred in the village that night.

While preparations were underway to showcase the Well of Death game, in the middle of the night, the sound of a motorcycle being ridden suddenly come from there. In a house, Shyam Lal, his wife Devaki, and their six-year-old daughter Gunja were fast asleep. Gunja suddenly woke up as she heard the sound.

Gunja: “Papa… Papa… Wake up! Look, the Well of Death game has started. Let’s go and watch.”

Upon hearing his daughter Gunja’s voice, both Shyam Lal and Devaki woke up.

Devaki: What’s happening, Gunja? Why are you talking about going at this late hour?

Gunja: Mom, we bought tickets for the Well of Death game, remember? Look, it has already started. Can’t you hear the sound of the motorcycle?

Shyam Lal: But it’s still nighttime, beta. The game will start tomorrow evening.

Gunja: But Papa, what about this sound?

Shyam Lal: Oh, it must be some noise. Let’s go back to sleep.

Gunja fell asleep again, but as the night progressed, the sound of the motorcycle grew louder. After a while, the sound of the motorcycle stopped, and then the cries of a woman and a child started coming from there.

Upon hearing that sound, Gunja and her parents woke up. This time, they also heard the sound. They were all very scare. They wanted to go to that place, but they didn’t have the courage.

The next morning, when they told the villagers about it, no one paid attention to their words because no one except them had heard that sound. Perhaps it was also because Gunja’s house was near the fairground. On that same evening, Devaki, Shyam Lal, and Gunja went to see the fair. There was a crowd of people everywhere. Some were shouting on the rides, others were smiling with new toys in their hands, some were savoring jalebis, and others were eating golgappas without counting. But Gunja was waiting for the start of the Well of Death game. There was also a crowd of people there.

People were urging to start the game when the sound of a motorcycle starting was heard. The rider of the motorcycle was revving the accelerator. The sound of the bike echoed throughout the fair.

The audience was thrill by the sound of the bike(Well of death), and many people started honking their horns. However, in the midst of this, people noticed a little girl sitting and crying in the well of death. They called out to know whose child she was.Before anyone could rescue the girl, they saw a woman suddenly appearing inside the well. Her face looked terrifying. The girl sat in her lap, and people noticed that tears were not coming from her eyes, but blood was dripping instead. After a while, both of them flew out, and whoever saw this shouted in a single voice, “Ghost, ghost!” Everyone rushed out.

continue in part 2…..


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